Apparently 200% render scale in PC settings does wonders for VR performance

Well I’m a poser then as i do benchmarks all the time :laughing:

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Shhhh… Don’t tell people that! Tell them you’re a sales rep. I would say just not of used cars, but with the Covid caused chip shortage, they are quite popular these days.

So it switch back too.
What is your usual VR Render Scale?
And what happen, if you have some times to test, if you set it to 200 on monitor like you usually do, go VR, and then leave the sim from VR? so clicking “return to main menu” and “quit” all that inside headset.
Does the next time you launch the sim you see 200 on PC render Scale? or your usual VR Render Scale value (the latter is what happen to me)?
Obviously if you are using VR Render Scale 100 you’ll think it simply reset. Mine with 70% I can’t have any doubt and I tested other value to be sure.

@CodeLoran69 I’d need to check, but I think it is 100.

If you’re asking me what I think you are, it just quits to windows… just like I asked it to.

Don’t know. It seems completely random. That is why I check frequently. Or try to remember to, sometimes I forget.


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Hi all,

Debated on whether to start a new topic but think it is relevant here. I have an Alienware desktop, 64GB ram, i9 Intel core and a 3090GTX card. BUT I was not seeing a real impact of this render setting and was only getting 22 FPS in VR with nothing at ultra in settings. I have now disabled hardware acceleration in windows and disabled game mode as well and saw an extra 5 FPS but reading this thread this all seems slower than what I should be getting. My headset is the reverb G2

Thanks for any suggestions


That’s a really long reply I post here, not from me. I strongly suggest to read the first post completely. Even if you don’t have the same GPU than the author, you’ll have all the base and much more:


@JoshBear forget what fps you’re getting. Just go by what your eyes are telling you. If they say it’s a problem, then it’s a problem. If not, not.


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Thanks Both. I went back and reset the nvidia control panel to default. Then followed the post suggested above. I also disabled most of the items in the VR menu that appears in the game. Net result, now running at 30 - 32 FPS. Good enough for now.

Of course MSFS being a slight pain as in VR my mouse wheel is moving the external cam up and down not zooming in and OUT! I did not change any settings. Now off to fix that :open_mouth:


Please don’t hesitate to share your findings in a new topic if you manage to restore zoom function to mouse wheel in VR external or internal view. I didn’t spend much time on this one but I doubt it is possible. I’d be please if there is a solution!

Maybe stating the obvious here, I really wonder what happens if you manually set the desired settings in the config file and the set it to read only…. Would that work?

@JoshBear I have to agree with @CptLucky8, if you find a fix PLEASE come back and tell us. In fact, get all political with it and run ads on every channel every commercial break for about 5 weeks! Maybe then we’ll all catch word…


Nope, it don’t work. Tried again as I had a doubt after reading your post if I tried that. This Quality setting don’t seems to be read at all for VR section. I spend last 3 hours doing test…

In Graphics section:
Enabled 1
Type 2
Quality 3

And in GraphicsVR section:
Enabled 1
Type 2
Quality 3 <= default 0 file read only and nothing different during monitoring or quality…

Same by forcing the PC Render Scale to 200 in file and set it read only. In game, on monitor 200% is applied when I first appear on tarmac. Then, going in VR and switching back to monitor and my view look like PC Render Scale = VR Render Scale = 70% even if menu still display 200%. I’m doomed :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I checked all binding after your post and cannot catch where to change zoom behavior with mouse wheel like on 2D. I miss that too!
As they created the VR Zoom ON/OFF for instrument I guess they remove the smooth zoom for VR. But mouse wheel change slightly the camera up and down, and I even didn’t found this weird binding…

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I started with the tutorial too - it’s extremely helpful. But it seems like every single system has it’s own quirks, so you just have to play with it a bit.

And, as counterintuitive as it may sound, don’t be afraid to try raising some of your values a bit including the ground traffic (ships, cars, etc). I remember someone suggesting that a while back, and was very surprised when I tried it and it worked (at least to a point). I got better FPS and display at the same time.

For reference:
Reverb G2, ULANSeN 3A1C USB Card, 3090 FTW3 Ultra, 5950x, 32 GB @3600

Works here,much better in vr, clearer and brighter with my reverb g2.

Sim will not stay at 200 render scale though . The setting drops back to 100 render scale after I shutdown pc and when I run the sim again.Still no biggy.

gpu Radeon 6900 xt .Intel cpu i9 10900k,ram 32 gb with Asus tuf gaming mobo Z590

Aargh it seems is the only fitting answer… :rage: sorry that didnt work…
Fingers crossed for the next update then.

Still no improvement using 200% after trying different configurations with my G2.
How is everyone seeing their FPS, I’m not using steam?

I generally use the nVidia performance overlay, enabled through GeForce Experience, to show FPS. I also sometimes use FS202 Developer Mode, where you can turn on an FPS overlay.

Try the Shift+Z app on, adds it to your toolbar for convenience

@fitness888 I don’t. I rely on what my eyes are actually seeing to tell me if I’m getting good performance or not.

Now, on those few occsaions that I do run into problems (and the worst offender I’ve personally found is Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, and anything within about 10nm of her), then I might break out an fps counter for troubleshooting. But with CDG, for me anyways, there is no troubleshooting that one. I just have to fly elsewhere. Which is OK, there are tens of thousands of other places to go, but I gotta tell you, even though that one particular airport creates a visual slide show, it is a beautiful place, both IRL and in the sim.

Hopefully SU5’s performance increases will help that. It still may suck relative to other places, but if sucking is almost 2x the performance I’m getting now, then I can probably live with it. But MS really needs to figure out what they did that “broke” that airport, I’ve seen much more scenery dense places (including a freeware version of EGKK, which is probably the single best looking airport I’ve seen in the entire game regardless of price) that don’t have the same issues.