[APRIL FOOLS] Discussion & Finds | Updated 2024

Feel free to use this thread to share any MSFS April Fools finds this year!

I’ll start on behalf of Got Friends Jokes:

“This state-of-the-art aircraft is being shipped to you in a giant wooden box. Open your surprise shipment this April Fool’s Day and experience this one-of-a-kind aircraft. Get your tokens ready! This aircraft will leave you at the front door of your local grocery store asking your mom for more tokens.”

Download Now:


First review online (german audio)
But I am not sure if I am allowed to post it …

Had a good laugh at first firing it up, thanks!

This one is also nice :sunglasses:


Thank you!

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Found another floating around, looks like great fun!


Thanks for the mystery box. Finally I can get rid of my small coins :sweat_smile: It’s super fun and it can do a full aerobatic display at Duxford =)

I also never thought you could do rolls with a DS without changing the shape of the bodywork


Haha that’s bonkers. Like an episode of Top Gear. Gotta be Hammond driving… I mean flying that and risking another trip to coma-ville :slight_smile:

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Haha :rofl: With Hammond driving there should also be an Advertisment on the underside :sweat_smile:

“Oh, this is cool,” I think, “might be fun for driving around my area and seeing the post-nuclear-looking photogrammetry from ground level.”

Oh, wait, what do these buttons and switches on the dashboard do?

“Activate rockets,” huh?

Apparently the flying Citroen appeared in a French James Bond knockoff called “Fantomas se Déchaîne” in 1965…

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The Got Friends April gift is epic. I can’t believe the detail level on the model. It’s seriously better than a number of payware planes I own. And the audio’s great. Be sure to turn the sound up enough to note the appropriate background music!

I shall refrain from screenshots to avoid spoiling anyone’s fun. :slight_smile: But thanks to you and the team, @DigitalJonx!


Didn’t I see this one recently on flightsim.to

Apparently not :slight_smile:

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Best one… “MSFS finally gets a simple fly by view…

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April Fool ?

Mid Air engine check,… Hunter Bros 23 day flight without landing. These 2 heroes were supplied by 2 more heroic Brothers from another Aircraft.

The Lancaster is OUT soon :eyes: so let’s go & practice@Cardington Sheds. :gorilla::movie_camera::black_joker: Just a bit of fun

ChasePlane Professional 4K HDR They almost had me for a second :laughing:

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BravoAirspace’s 787-8 update:


The aircraft has advanced tremendously. It now has wings, fuselage and a tail. Stabilizers I think it’s called and I think it has engines… I think… Those things attached underneath the wings?.. ANYWAYS, here is an image of the current state.

We hope you like it. We are excited to create an entirely brand new model, from scrachity-scratch. Aircraft is finger-licking-looking-deliciously-good. Probably the highest detailed aircraft you’ll never see. Study level everything, even the lights are study-level. You can taste the crumbs off the carpet. Best textures anyone can afford.

When is it coming out? It’s going to take 2 more years for it’s release. Maybe 3 years if you’re a good boy… or girl, or whatever.

Start applying for a loan, it’s going to cost a lot!

Anyways, can’t always be serious. Just wanted to have some fun. April fools. Take care guys. I hope you had a little laugh.

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