AR Astronomy Overlay

I know theres many other things that people want and things like this are not a priority. I just want to see what people would think about this.

Imagine an AR overlay that showed constellations and such in the night sky. It looks really great as it is but I can imagine all kinds of ways they can expand its functionality. Im not exactly sure to what extent everything is simulated (planets and such), but im looking forward to one day being able to use Astronavigation with vintage planes. In the meantime its great to just look at the night sky.

I think it would be really interesting to have additional astronomy features (at some point) just since its just so pretty and identifying constellations would be easier for people who dont have them memorized. Its one of the major things to do when cruising at FL150 and its possible there will be gameplay involving it in the future.

Depending on whether the night sky can be improved even further, it could even be a future update that focuses on astronomy and has for example a plane that can only be navigated by the stars, or even a “partnership pack” with someone like NASA or SpaceX (just an example). That way we can get one of these F-16XL Ship #2 Supersonic Laminar Flow Control experiment | NASA :wink:

Just a thought I had.

Upvoted! :sunglasses:

Interesting idea. Not sure what the performance effect would be though.