Arcade players are annoying

This simulator is great but one thing that makes me really upset are this arcade players. Is annoying try to do a flight when we always have people spawning at runways and stay there forever. This should have an option to do real operations like real pilots do and don’t allow people respawn at runways. If they want to play as realistic mode the Sim should force them to do the right procedures. Spawn at gate, do checklists and depart. If we use this as simulator and many for training it’s frustrating having people playing as arcade mixed with us. This should have an option to full simulator separated from arcade.


come to vatsim once msfs gets patched


But how are you going to force people to follow procedures? I think the best you can do is find friends with the same intentions and create a group. (or indeed turn off multiplayer and connect to VATSIM)

You can already set it to Live Weather mode, so real world conditions are simulated, but still people can do what they want.


“Other people don’t play the game in the exact way that I want them to play the game”

Everyone enjoys this software differently. If you don’t want to deal with other players then turn off Multiplayer.


Or Microsoft can create an arcade live server and a realistic live server so we can choose. I agree with original post, I hate how you can spawn on a runway.

It’s excellent fun and a great realistic sim and Practice tool for example flying GA patterns with another 1 or 2 Live players professionally. Some clown coming along spawning on the opposite end of the runway and doing flips etc just completely ruins it. Why should I have to turn off live mode to accomodate a 5-minutes-of-fun gamer who won’t be still using the sim in 2 weeks time and will be bored due to lack of missions or no bridges to crash into


I say this tongue in cheek; Are you trying to tell us that you’ve never accidently spawned on the runway and not gate? I know I have. Many times. But I completely agree with the sentiment of your comment.

I don’t agree with the latter comment about Vatsim. Having just signed up (in prep for simconnect fix) and taken the exam. I am absolutely petrified of using it for the fear of being dragged through the streets of shame for saying one word wrong. vatsim needs a training ground before people like me are allowed in the virtual world.


I remember raising this concern in a very early stage, as soon as the multiplayer feature was introduced in the previous developmental stage, since I was observing the very same behaviors. The suggestion I was given, out of lack of any alternative, was to disable it in the settings panel.


just fly at uncontrolled airports and talk on unicom

just like new pilots in the real world would do. you dont jump in and try VFR at a busy class B


One way of mitigating the runway spawn annoyance would be to not allow it on live player mode. Only allow gate or parking spawns.


I’m joining vatsim then.

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the following may come as a shock to you – MSFS was design to attract ‘arcade pilots / XBOX pilots’ first and foremost.

they tried to shove as many features as they could - broken or semi working or what not - come day of release and this has all exploded in their faces…


I know how you feel i have also signed up and ready to go but waiting until the patch. Gonna be quite scary, maybe we should do it at the same time :laughing:

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Let’s be a bit more tolerant. Not all of the new players do this on purpose. Msfs2020 is also attracting new, future pilots, that have never simmed in their life but are positive and enthusiastic about learning. Let’s not demonize them but embrace them and communicate with them. Learning to properly fly “as real as it gets” is extremely difficult and takes a lot of training. Maybe we could post threads for new pilots how to behave so that they respect the other pilots and learn to communicate with ATC properly, respect charts and airport procedures. I see this as a way more productive way of doing things. Because if we manage to integrate them, they will support the platform for years to come and spread the good message. In other sims there is that chasm between the “Elite” and the “nOObs”, we don’t need that here in this new community. I personally want the most basic player, that just wants to occasionally fly around an airport or city, to feel included and to have just as much fun as the hardcore crowd.


Perhaps an “ignore” feature would be good. Makes them disappear from your view. Since contact with them has no impact on your own flight, making them invisible seems like a reasonable answer. Only issue I see with that though is how ATC handles them.


im 99% sure ATC does not factor in other players in your own ATC experience.


Cool. So an ignore feature would be a possible solution to removing unwanted runway squatters :grin:


Also once the newness and hype settles i promise you the simmer vs gamer saturation will severely be one sided.


Keep in mind this suggestion is not viable for those who want to use VATSIM in North America (among other areas), as the 225/03 wind issue is not resolved. Please correct me if I am wrong about this…

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Don’t blame or get frustrated with the non-pilots for this. Starting on the runway was a crazy idea if the aircraft isn’t in ghost mode and that is the developers fault. But sometimes we only have the time for crazy.

While I say it is their “fault” that is not a negative. As a programmer, if I consider the issue given the variety of airports the solutions open to me are pretty limited. What they did was the easiest and unsurprising for a new product.

The best solution requires different behaviour based on the number of airfield parking spots but that takes more work to implement so it is something that can easily be push back to a patch once I (if I were Asobo) knew the sim was working well in the wild.

As usual, it is easy to state the issue and a solution, but a programmer has to deal with telling a machine exactly what to do. We can’t just say “make people start in parking spots”. That sounds simple but to do it right it isn’t necessarily so. V1.0 is about getting the basic functionallity out there. As you’ve done you should make the issue know (though it should go to Zendesk too) so that might help set priorities


Me too. I’ve sat on a ramp, listening and watching, in vatsim, having announced my presence with a “just observing” flight plan, and have been well impressed with the apparent discipline that the environment creates.

I suspect that every new user goes through this fear of the first flight, but i keep telling myself that if it was as bad as I’m expecting, there wouldn’t be so many users. :slight_smile: