Are Microburstphysics in MSFS 2020 implemented?


Are the microburst physics implemented in the MSFS 2020?

When not i would like to see them in the MSFS.


regards legendsy


I’m guessing no, and if not, I agree with you.

We don’t even have lateral wind gusts, until Sim Update 10.

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I bet you it will be way overdone, if history is an indicator. Fingers crossed.

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To me it’s much better with overdone gusts than not at all.

They can’t get real life gusts into the sim anyway. They will always be overdone in a simulator. Then they can improve those overdone gusts many times if they want to. But never remove them. They may implement a toggle for those and that is correct way of handle it for those that not want to have gusts in the sim.

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I will reserve judgement on gusts until we get the chance to test it during the beta and provide feedback on it. I do agree that there should be a user-adjustable option of some sort, but not just an on/off switch, but rather a turbulence/gusts multiplier for example, which would allow for finer tuning.

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There are no microbursts, no convective updrafts/downdrafts, no stratus clouds… Weather in FS is really a shame, it CAN’T be called “flight simulator”… Realism is completely absent in regards to weather effects… I heartedly HOPE that things change with SU10, otherwise there will be NO USE in having a weather radar!!

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