Are players asking too much?

I’ve trained in simulators and real planes, real planes are easier because they have better feedback and less extremes, but simlators are better in that they give you unusual events to experience.


Yes for failure/emergency procedure training they are invaluable sure.

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Could you please repost that same image but use an inside view as you’d see while flying? Flying from the back seat of the aircraft in order to get a decent FOV in FS 2020 doesn’t cut it. :slight_smile:

I don’t agree with that… For starters, in this particular case, the Garmin instruments are not that hard to use. None of the things you have to do are complicated. The ones that are, are optional. And with other addons in general, i’d rather have different developers tackle them. You could have a simple to use default GNS530. Or you could use the more advanced one made by PMS50. Or (if things were but a little better) you could use a Reality-XP unit, with all the bells and whistles of the real thing. Asking one developer to cater for all levels is adding unnecessary work for them. A GPS addon that would simulate the real thing completely will not be available for free. So who do you think will pay quite a hefty sum to get what essentially is the default unit?

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The problem right now is that this idea seems to be embraced by quite a lot of people, some of whom get to make decisions. And if the conclusion was: “… so we need to make sure we have addons that cater for all users”, it would be ok. But it looks like the conclusion instead is: “… so we don’t need to add functionality for developers that want to create those highly realistic addons.” This would be why Reality-XP can’t get a reply from Asobo. And maybe why Asobo doesn’t want external flight models and extended functionality for modules.

No offence, but you’re selling a lot of bogus here pal … just tested it, no sweat

For bridges and flying under, someone is collecting places that DO ALLOW flying under, see

Newest challenge: flyable, but really difficult… try Adolphe Bridge, Luxemburg Stad.

Even better

That’s not better. What you did was prove my point of FS 2020’s lack of multi-monitor support. That’s just a single view stretched out over three monitors. Nothing new there.

Also, in order to get that FOV you had to zoom all the way back to the rear seat (almost). Is that where you sit while you’d fly a real aircraft, the rear seat? :slight_smile:

And take note of the stretched out distortion on those two outboard monitors when you pan left and right. That won’t happen with a PROPER setup.

Look at the video from Russ that I posted and note the difference between what you are doing and what I’m talking about.


I meant better than a static photo and if you will read back I do not call this multi monitor support, it’s just the best nVidia users can patch together.

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Hell they don’t even support ultra wide screen.

Ah…I see. I apologize for my assumption.

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And there are bridges you can fly under on Sicily… What did you do in MFS today? - #1465 by PipsPriller

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I get your point. But at this stage, I’m just not going to offer a counter point anymore. The sim works very well for me all in all. No install or update issues to speak of. 45-50 consistent frames on a geforce 1080. No issues with the in-game Marketplace. Yes, I see some of the same glitches in-game as others but I just work around them when possible. I have no idea why MSFS works well for myself and not others. I just know that it works. I’ve got no reasons to be critical of others opinions anymore. Good luck and hang in there with it.

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I love Sicily anyway. Catania LICC… Thx for the tip, gonna look out for bridges.

Me too. As a starter for ten, try following the SS113 and E90 highways west along the north coast towards Cefalu and everywhere they cross a valley you should find something to try. :grin:

“Works well” can be a bit subjective. I’m guessing that might be your answer. :wink:

FS 2020 “works well” for me too…until I ask it to do something it doesn’t do so well (but should, IMO) like handle multiple monitors/views correct from the start. :slight_smile:

I am just going to take a guess here, but I will bet I had pretty close to 1 million NM under my wings before I even got into a cockpit that even had an autopilot. We user to call it “flying”. Even after I had a nice Sperry in the cockpit with me, about the only time it worked as advertised was when the AME was trying to clear a snag in the log.

Never, since the beginning of the Microsoft series of flight simulators, did we have an autopilot in a default bird that could accomplish much beyond wings level with anything approaching reliability. Anyone that remembers any of those previous versions working “out of the box”, remembers wrong.

Other than a hard bank bug, that was fixed, and a lot of folks not following SOP for autopilot engagement, the current crop of aircraft do a pretty good job. A working FMS!! are you kidding! trust me when I tell you that it sure beats a picture of one between the seats.

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