Are players asking too much?

I’ve been watching all kinds of topics and sometimes i can’t help myself from laughing too much from some “weird” demands that players have from the sim.
Don’t you think that having the whole world on your screen,for you to fly to,is a tech marvel ?
Have you been watching videos of previous years starting from 1980 to today,just to realize where we at ?
Give the devs some slack and let’s focus on major issues such as bugs etc.
I’m not even starting naming the topics i’ve seen regarding “wishes” cause it would take too long.

No hate.


I did notice that the giraffes on the southeast side of the Serengetti have an odd number of spots, and everyone knows they should be even- Just kidding! Yes, I have seen some very detailed and specific requests, as everyone has a proposed dreamsheet in their minds of what They’d like to see. There are also more common requests that could be grouped and weighted as the “top 10” which I think ASOBO had been doing, Between what ASOBO is fixing, releasing, and what 3rd party devs are coming out with I’m fine with the current pace and there is still so much I haven’t even seen yet! Gotta get back in my cockpit now and count the number of stitches on the seat coverings- pretty sure that SR22 is supposed to have 612 and not 534…


:rofl::rofl: very well said !


Yeah, the society that we live in just happen to have that kind of environment to nurture that kind of behaviour. Social media plays a part in that people tend to post good things that happen to their lives, giving a false impression that life is and should be perfect.

Over time, people build that notion that everything good has to happen to them. If something doesn’t happen the way they expect it to, they get upset. If something happens that they don’t like, they get upset. If something happen to other people if it’s good, they get upset it doesn’t happen to them. But if it’s bad, they get upset that someone has to get through it.

People these days have this unrealistic expectation of how life should be. That everything has to go according to their plans and expectations and nothing else. People need to learn that there are things that they can’t control.

People need to have serenity to accept the things they cannot change, the courage to change the things they can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


Some do, some don’t, I don’t think we can really generalize.


That’s right, but people who don’t ask too much, tend to keep silent. There’s no need to post their demands in the forum because they think the sim is just good and they appreciate it.

But forums are always like that, people who do ask for too much always wants to voice their views in the forum, that gives us this false sense of generalisation that people are asking too much, but that isn’t the case.


– Quote from The Serenity Prayer


Hi all,

I think people are not only asking too much of this sim, but also of their computers.
Yes this sim has some issues, but it’s still a new program and will continue to have issues as it matures. Hopefully these issues will lessen in time.
The quest to achieve 60+ fps is ridiculous, especially when one spends $2000 to $3000 on a new pc just for this sim alone. Then they cry and moan when they’re only getting 35fps with all sliders maxed out. IMHO 30fps is acceptable.
Personally, I can think of better ways to spend that kind of money, but to each his/her own, its your money to spend as you like.
Enjoy this sim for what it is…a work in progress which will improve with time. Relax and enjoy it for what it is.



What exactly is making this sim unable to reach 60 FPS? It worked when the sim came out. I had 58 FPS August-November 2020. Now howering at 39 FPS, same specs….

I have RTX games that do far far more complex calculations than MSFS and sit at 90 FPS , the only achievement here is streaming scenery, nothing more complex visually.


Then there are the parts of the sim that in this day an age should be available from the get go.

Specifically the ability to adjust your field of vision and properly incorporate multiple and ultra wide screens is a no brainer.


It’s also been shown that people who don’t ask for too much lead much happier lives in general.


Sliders should be pushed multiplied by ten to be future proof. RenderScale 200? max them to 2000! etc. So we will keep this forum alive :wink:


I quite agree.
Another important factor, in my opinion, is the fact that historical memory, also of only some decades, in these days is not well cultivated. This leads to further frustation for young generations. Those of us who still remember the old version of MS Flight Simulator, can appreciate the giant steps made, and the richness of the simulated world in the last version.
These are Meigs Field and Chicago Downtown in MS FS 1.0:

And, after 40 years, these are the Chicago Landmarks by Drzewiecki Design:


Absolutely nailed it !
My myself i am 40 years old and lived like you,all the previous era.
Accidentaly,you-tube suggested for me to watch a Master System game advertisement,called F-16 Super Falcon(i think)
The add was saying about realistic graphics,physics etc :rofl::rofl: and all that just by seing a blue screen and some numbers as speed and altitude indicators.
Heck,even X-Plane 11 i watch its terrain and it feels to me like a PS1 game.Same goes for DCS.
And now i see people complaint about how the indicator might be a 0,0001% smaller or inaccurate etc and i’m laughing about it.
I am flying and landing every plane just by my eyes and no electronics or digital help by the sim.I am having a blast by watching real pilots on utube suggesting things which actually work for me(speed approaches,how to use airbrake in the F-15 etc)
Now that i also have solved the CTD issue by disabling the xbox gamebar,i am happier than ever !

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Nope. And if you want to see something REALLY cool, load up Google Earth VR. It puts what we see in FS 2020 to shame. And it does it without all the stuttering and pausing. :slight_smile:


Or having flight dynamics, a 3D cockpit or anything related to flight.

If all you want to do is look at the world and play Superman have at it.


I posted this on another thread, regarding comments of “poor project management” and possible “class action lawsuit”, I think we need to have some “Buddhist” intentionality-type thinking, and optimism, acceptance, positive expectation … This is by no means an engineering-manufacturing project, it is a fluid creative-technical organism . I purchased the Premium Deluxe edition and a new gaming desktop setup in Aug 2020, with great anticipation. I’ve owned and enjoyed 5-6 different flight simulators since the mid-90’s. I find the learning process of MSFS 2020 stimulating. I did not expect “perfection” (whatever that is) at the onset. It is so immense and complex and evolving, that there will always be glitches. The great thing is that there is such a creative force behind this project, with ongoing interaction between the design leaders and the community (Developer Q & A videos sessions), that there is continuous improvement and growth. I was disappointed in the degradation in performance in my system with, but I was able to partially adapt to these problems. At this point my continued satisfaction in engaging in this endeavor is well worth it. Thanks.


Where do some of these FPS criteria (demands) come from anyway ? The human visual system cannot distinguish individual frames until we are down below the 15-20 fps range. :nerd_face:


Thank you! This should have been available on day one. My 68 year old eyes get tired in VR. When they do, it would be nice if I could switch to my wrap-around 2D setup I use for XP11. :slight_smile:

I guess if one had never used a true multi-monitor setup they might not understand what they’re missing. I’ve had a guy post a picture with three monitors (one with FS 2020, one with nav maps and one with something else being displayed) thinking THAT is what multi-monitor support is.

This is what “we” want to be able to do in FS 2020. Skip to about 8 minutes in to see the gist of the problem. Then to about 10 minutes in to see how this distortion is corrected.


We don’t want individual frames we want at least 60 fps. It’s hugly noticeable compared to say 30 fps. 120 fps in shooters is amazing and if you haven’t experienced high Frame rates in games you are missing out.