Are we going backwards?

I agree this is indeed an issue, but this is most likely not intended, in fact Jorg stated that they planned on increasing the resolution, and texture resolution does not affect performance that much.

It seems to me this is an unintended bug that came with the update, since it does not happen in series X, this will be patched.


I have a modest PC i5 9400, GTX1660, I mostly fly airliners,FBW, CRJ and the DC6.
Before SU5 I was getting around 20-30 fps depending on the plane with settings in medium.
Now I’m getting about 40 even 50 with settings on high.
Optimization are nice but magic is not cheap.

  • At day time colors look bleached, over brightened.
  • Night lighting is definitivelyt worst (I fly a lot at night)
  • Clouds look worst.
  • Terrain and all around graphics look worst.
  • Planes still look really very good both outside and inside.

These are just my subjective impressions after the update.

I’m also a XP user, I think MSFS took a step towards XP they are much closer in visuals now but with a different style, MSFS is more colorful and cartoonish but also a lot more detailed and with much better autogen and buildings. In terrain I think XP with Orthos is now better than MSFS or looks better.


Adjust, how?
The clouds shouldn’t look like a broken rainbow
They weren’t perfect before the update but now, just horrible

This is what mine looks like at FL340…Honestly, and as much as I have been enjoying MSFS with almost 1000 hours…This is unacceptable. It looked 100x better on the SU4.


I can’t see how they look like broken rainbow. They look identical to pre-sim update 5.

No way
There’s a lot of color banding
I attached 2 screenshots

Especially the second one from below

I saw these screenshots. This looks identical to how it was pre-sim update 5.

Maybe you are blind, I’m blind, we didn’t feed up the dogs, we have sh?! & $#t monitors
I agree with you 100 %
That’s the worst update for the MSFS 2020


It would help if you had a before picture

Solution >

I’ll attach many pictures / screenshots from the previous version
But you didn’t answer how do you like the clouds I attached last night, from SU5

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Checklist for Optimization:

Reduce draw distance by 70%
Reduce LOD by 40%
Pop out / Pop in effects

Checklist complete +30% FPS Ready for takeoff

BTW there is a wishlist topic about performance, dont forget to vote!


I feel fooled honestly. I expected this update so long for what? the visual aspect is the worst I have ever seen in this simulator…
I heard on their videos they improved polygons on the building, and I said inside… ohh, thats really great!. I believe they instead have been lowering down the image quality a lot and introduced a new issue, constant pop in that I cannot even see trucks on the airport that depends on the camera angle, type (external cockpit). Thats why, in my opinion, they have lower down the ram usage.
London now is a peace of trash, broken buildings that pop in and out.
My pc specs are i9900kf, 32 gb ram 3000mhz, rtx 3080 (not that bad)…
The instruments are not working when I hold the right click button on the mouse to change the camera, even on legacy mode. Well, this is going to be fixed so I am not going to complain about this now.


Agreed, I really don’t how Asobo thought this was a via path to take…as in take away from what we already had. To watch scenery “constantly” redraw itself when panning defeats the whole VFR aspect of the sim that made it so good.

So much for looking left and right to align with your sectional chart when flying VFR. You now get to see objects draw themselves in over time to confirm your correct course…how could they miss this?


The point is that they didn’t miss this. It was apparently brought up in the beta multiple times and they made the choice to keep as is. My hope is that it’s simply because they had too much to get through before release to fix it and will patch it in a later update. Asobo has been pretty responsive so far and this is pretty bad for VR and TrackIR folks. But if this is permanent this really is a bummer for me.

I would imagine all they mostly care about is the revenue, gamepass uptake/promotion, xbox promotion, ability to sell addons via the marketplace - its a business obviously with a yearly net profit - also hence why the strict NDAs to protect it at all costs. Unfortunately, once you have paid, you can’t do much except get taken a long for a ride. Personally, I feel that once the aww/newness factor has gone for xbox users, the frequent flyers on xbox will be quite limited vs pc - the graph will cliff off within a month or two. It essentially becomes users putting location a and b, then getting autopilot to fly it whilst you look at the scenery - a glorified google/bing maps.

Don’t get me wrong, the more people that experience or look into the joys of flight, the better. More learning, understanding of physics, weather, navigation, geography, radios etc - this is great stuff no mater what platform. My problem is that to learn this, you have to put in effort / some time - a learning curve. I feel that this is being reduced at all costs to avoid it being too overwhelming for console users who are maybe new to the genre, but it should be overwhelming - thats the whole point - you start small in a C152 and build up and learn core skills from there! The tutorials / lessons should have all the clunky tool tips / learning aids galore, this is fine, but if not using them, dont dumb it down everywhere else please


I think what it boils down to here is a lot of people went out and spent money on high end PCs so they could have the best experience possible and now for the foreseeable future they are stuck with XBOX visuals. So ya they are angry and rightly so IMO


Same experience here. Never had a crash but 3 in a row flying the Longitude and 747. Also my mouse pointer seems to disappear when I navigate to the instruments.
That said, all the “point’s of interest” flights went very smooth. They use the smaller aircraft’s during these flights.

After update, my mouse pointer can’t select any thing!! So from the beginning I can’t proceed to play!!! What an awful update.

Here we go: