Are we going backwards?

Honestly, yes the performance is great but at the cost of what visuals? we waited so long for a new flight sim and its us PC users that pushed it forward. Seems like the visuals are getting dumbed down… night lighting still looks terrible too…

I mean c’mon it was much much better before. A lot of us have more than capable computers why should we suffer?

Hope these topics get the devs really thinking hard. Because at this point the sim is losing its WOW factor.


Comparison pictures so we can understand what you’re talking about?


Agreed. I have played almost every day since August 18th, 2020 and have seen all the updates, bugs, and issues, but Sim Update 5 really killed it for me… the visual issues are so bad now and we don’t even have an option to change it back. Asobo nerfed the sim to squeeze it on the Xbox, causing those with decent gaming PCs to suffer. The state of the sim today is at the lowest it has ever been, in my opinion.


Yep. I hate to say it, but I think I’m done. I can’t fly like I used to without major FPS drops, bad pop in and reduced overall visual quality. I’m pretty sad because I loved my time in the sim. I hope it gets better. Maybe they’ll add a slider or toggle for culling.


Its just clouds, there are many others also the game crashes randomly.

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They look now incredible awful

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Dont think im allowed to post pics from previous builds but just take a look through the forums and you will see a post with comparison shots… it only gets worse. My first sim was fs95 and ive bought all the sims since, flightsim, x plane, p3d, aerofly so I do know what im talking about and I do notice the details when they change.

Its a shame really, it was looking promising. In my personal opinion, simulators especially flight simulators are made for the PC, dumb it down for the XBox version dont care, but dont let us hardcore simmers suffer.


Why wouldn’t you be allowed to post pics from previous builds?

If you’re talking about pictures you took while you were under NDA, your statement would be true, but, otherwise, I’m not aware of any issue with showing pictures from previous builds.

How are we supposed to discuss this topic if we can’t do that. That would be ridiculous.


Just expanding on what @FlyingsCool5650 said. You are not allowed to discuss your experience during pre-release tests (alpha 1 → beta before Aug 18th, VR testing or subsequent pre-release tests). You are however allowed to discuss and share images, and recordings of any public build.


Wow. I think visuals look better. And much smoother flying. The auto gen was blurry before. Looks a bit better to me. I’m having CTd problems.


Well, the textures are terrible. You can see in this picture. And don’t ask me a picture from before the update to have “proof” because all of you know it was not like this… Resolution is 4K + everything on ultra, and that’s what I’m getting when flying cruise level. Before the update of course we didn’t have photogrammetry at that FL, but textures down there were actually HD. Now it’s like this. And the photogrammetry only starts to load when you are very low, like FL070 or below… We got better performance, but what’s the cost? This?


I thought that’s what mountain terrain looks like at near what 25000 ft?


Blurry and awful…


which is why I wont go any further.


Yep agreed 100%. The ground textures took a major leap backwards to smush this sim on xbox. Great proof there.


Not for me sim looks the best it ever has, so much clearer and better colours. Also helped by being able to turn up settings even more. but even before making changes it looked better to me. tree and object draw distance is so much better.


Bruh don’t play d**b the thing is look how blurry those mountains are. They are not even HD this is worse than looking at it via google maps or bing itself on browser. Even when you get below 15000ft, before the textures were mostly loaded already and the scenario was almost all HD. Now it’s blurry until you descend below 7000 and that’s when it gets worse because all the scenario and photogrammetry starts loading in front of your eyes. Once again I will say, performance, nice, but at what cost?


I have GTX 980 - and I’ll be better with 20-30 fps but with the decent graphics and realistic visuals with the medium/ultra settings than with the low quality textures everywhere. Is the only way of optimization to bring visual quality down?

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I’m not saying the update is bad overall. It had really great performance improvements and all. You also have that tree draw distance and colors getting a boost too, etc. But photogrammetry loads and unloads every time if you start looking in all directions quick you will notice it (didn’t happen before), textures loading when you are landing, bad quality texture when flying certain areas (outside world updates). It definitely lost visual fidelity when flying in a higher altitude, and now things doesn’t seem to load before you arrive. Try doing a long flight with an airliner instead of a tour made by asobo flying low.


I should have added only seen it from below 5000ft as rarely fly at high altitudes. Wonder if server loads have anything to do with it.

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