Are we going backwards?

I haven’t noticed much change with frame rate but he UI changes are a pain the ■■■.


They will get fixed with future updates, MS/Asobo want to make the sim accessible to as many players as possible, some will be happy to now being able to use a controller on their PC for navigating the menus and cockpits.

But yeah, if you want to be pessimistic and unfair, you can say that MS/Asobo did that on purpose to reduce the quality of their product for you. It’s your choice.

And the framerate improved for me significantly, even though I already have a higher end rig.

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Agree RTX2070 Super here, and the graphics have taken a massive knock in places. The clouds even on ultra don’t look as good as they used to do, reflections and textures are now ‘meh’ at best. It still looks incredible for what it is, but it’s lost it’s shine. A lot of it looks washed out. The only consolation in my case is Nvidia and it’s overlay, which allows me tweak a few things here and there.

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The clouds look like there is a broken rainbow around them. Green, magenta…


Maybe you should post a screenshot (better open a dedicated thread in the Bugs&Issues section). I do not see anything like that in my sim, at least judging from your short sentence.

I did already.

Then add a link here for others to participate. Otherwise such a short random statement doesn’t help getting understanding of your issue.

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I’m not alone, don’t worry.


Well then the purpose of this thread is not to get things fixed but just to complain? Great.

Of course, but do you ( we ) still have hopes??

clouds look all pixelated to me and not nice at all and that’s on ultra with a 3080 :frowning:


You’re not alone, there is an indeed marked difference, and while there have been framerate improvements, I’d lose the extra frame here and there, for a more realistic looking sim. Major bug bears in my case are lighting and bloom. It’s either too strong, or too weak. There doesn’t seem to be any inbetween in 4k. No amount of tweaking has fixed it yet.

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things get fixed easily:

git reset --hard.

this entire update has a rotten taste of “playing” rather than “simulating”.
the “legacy” name chosen for the cockpit interaction, the “spotlight events” thrown in your face in place of the world map.
everything around this update is directed to “simulating” airplanes from external view and take screenshots of your 747 landed on the desert next to the Giza pyramids.

I mean, we even got an airplane which cannot be flown, can’t be more explicit than that. It’s screenshots only.

if I could launch the game I would have more arguments to discuss but, as of now, I can’t get past the loading screen.

I am very, very unsatisfied with this update and, for the few minutes I could actually fly, I saw a general worsening in the graphics aspect. A decrease that is clearly made to fit within the constraints of a console and a pad.
If I would be the only one with the same feeling then I could think “ok, I might be wrong”…but I am not the only one.

I will be voting with my wallet for a good time until the development direction of this game will be more clear and will not invest more a single cent on addons.
I have the sensation that hardcore simmers are not the welcome ones anymore here.


In any case I don’t claim to speak for anyione else, but I was a bit surprised that a 40 gig mandatory update so far has not done anything good for me and in the first instance appears to have made things worse. Then I saw the message about X-Box.

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The size of an update does by no means reflect anything other than they had to touch at least one file in the contained packages.
Since they refractored the LOD handling, it’s obvious they had to tweak most aircraft and scenery objects to reflect that.

They promised a far better performance and they delivered. It always comes with downsides since you can’t have both. Now they will hopefully add more options in the settings to allow users to find a better balance for their individual system.
They already said that there will be more options “above ultra” at some point.

Quite, but they won’t get any more.

There will come a point where the vast majority who want this will have bought it, after that they can only keep going by selling DLC and if enough of us give up on it, there goes the revenue stream.


This! A thousand times this!


You already have it. It’s called Game pass, and saved me 100€ from the deluxe platinum edition. I played this and other games for 15€ since August, and stopped it in April. Enough time for seeing this updating mess.


See you in September maybe. I’m so over this. What happened to don’t fix what isn’t broken and just improve.


There were a lot of niggles after SU5 for me:

Fixable by player- the lock toggle for instruments. That said, I now have this issue where the pop up labels are so large that they frequently obscure the control.

Fixable by 3rd parties - auto pilot’s now broken again and won’t maintain approach tracks or altitude very well.

Fixable by asobo - the persistent temperature issue - high sat and tat which then impacts airliner performance.

Fixable by asobo - clouds now just seem to pop in as you approach a runway. Was this intentional so that so that Xbox could have performance at airports? Come on, Surely these are next gen machines?

Fixable by asobo - can you officially declare whether or not the base 747 and 787 (which we paid a premium for) will be brought up to scratch so that the buttons work and vnav works or whether players will need to go procure a 3rd party product instead. (So again, we’ll be paying twice now). They’re just so disappointing when compared to flybywire’s efforts.

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