Are you using rolling cache?

If so, what rolling cache limit works best for you?

I stick with 8 I think that was the default.

I clear it after every update.

I’ve always run with it on, at the defaults (8 GB). For science’s sake I’ve tried turning it off to see if it makes any difference in performance, but I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference so far.


Yes , 16GB.

yes, 32GB on SSD. I read that’s the sweetspot size for rolling cache

Never mess with a running system, 8gb default.


One of the Asobo team members said 32 gig is what he would run during one of those video chat sessions. IF rolling cache works as designed, it should reduce network download since a lot of the data is stored locally, and in theory reduce stutters. I didn’t notice any difference with it on or off so I Ieave it on to reduce unnecessary data downloads.

I have recently turned it off because I got 250mbit unlimited data so it should be better that way and I was having blurry textures all the time. I have yet to fly a photogrammetry city though.

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Of course, not.

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32GB on an enterprise HDD (~150MB/sec), as I only have a ~20mbps|~2.5MB/sec connection (actual functional speed rather than theoretical speed).

seams to work OK, for my common routes using OnAir vs disabling it and streaming data.

Yes…32gb and I rarely have any stutters in VR with a 1080ti and 5600x

No was at the start but found the sim to stutter more.

I do have 64gb ram and use a 32gb ram cache, which improved performance for me.

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Already a lengthy thread about it here

50 GIGS and 100 for the CACHE

mine is off

I tried on and off… doesn’t seem to make a difference for me since I am already connected to the internet

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Not sure you are getting the idea of Megabit vs Megabyte. A good, average speed is 100Mbps, and that equates to about 13MB/s.
I set my rolling cache to 32GB and that works fine with 13MB/s.

well 8Mbps = 1MB/sec, thus 20Mbps must be 2.5MB/sec.

my connection has a theoretical rate of 24Mbps (3MB/sec), of which I actually realise 20Mbps(2.5MB/sec) consistently.

so I really don’t know what you are blathering on about or trying to point out that I am missing, as clearly you are missing something.

32gig…I was up in the 200’s. but here no issues now

Sorry, read your post wrong. All good, moving on. ■■■■ shame about you bottom of the barrel connection mate.

At the suggestion of more than one “trusted source” on this forum I have turned my Rolling Cache off.

Result, post update? Flying over detailed mountains in southern Oregon and northern California today in the TBM I was astonished to see frame rates break 80 fps. That’s never happened before.

Your results may vary…