Around the world in a DC-6

Well, the Polish authorities gave us a wink and asked us to please refrain from any further flying under bridges while in their country so we elected to stay in Krakow and spend a few days touring the city. Having eaten our fill of Pierogi and sampled all of the fine Polish beers on offer, it is now time to head onward to the next adventure.

Krakow weather is a bit unfortunate. Good thing we’ve already had our aerial tour of the city!

Departing Krakow.

Rainy day views.

A bit of sunlight here and there.

Improving weather just past the Czechoslovakia border.

Misty mountains.

Czech countryside.

The outskirts of Prague.

Downtown Prague and the Vltava River.

Hradcany Prague Castle on the right. I believe that the Stadion Evžena Rošického is center view and the old Strahov stadium is on the left.

On the approach to RWY 30.

About to be wheels down in Prague.

Welcome to Prague International Airport (LKPR), Prague Czechoslovakia.


Departing Prague.

Crossing the Elbe River.

The city of Ústí nad Labem.

Farms and rolling hills.

Looking down at Pirna, Germany.

Looking across the Elbe towards Dresden, Germany. A bit too far away to get a good view.

Radeberg, Germany.

The Aerium, an old dirigible hangar that is now a water park.

The outskirts of Berlin on the ILS RWY 25L approach.

Arriving at Brandenburg. Weather was not great so we will do a circuit of the city tomorrow.

Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport (EDDB), Berlin Germany. The twisted jetway is courtesy of Asobo and SU5. It is not Aerosoft’s fault, yet is extremely disappointing.

The view from the departure lounge.

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Departing Berlin-Brandenburg.

The outskirts of Berlin.

Various shots of downtown Berlin as we circled the city. This is the default photogrammetry.

German countryside, possibly enhanced by We Love VFR.

Near the town of Gotha, Germany. I wonder if there is any tie to the World War I bomber of the same name?

Hill country. I should probably give a shout out to the fact that I’m using @bijanstudio’s excellent Four Season Pack throughout this tour. It adds a considerable amount of immersion. He also just released a new project, focusing on Islands, Sunken Boats, Huts and PG Trees that looks great and I will be adding shortly.

Schlüchtern, Germany.

Descending into Frankfurt.

Downtown Frankfurt, on the ILS Z RWY 25R. Not sure why they brought us in on the right, but it did offer us some great views of the city.

Frankfurt International (EDDF), Frankfurt, Germany on the approach. This is the Asobo hand-crafted version.

Finally at our parking spot. I’d forgotten how bloody big this airport is. I’m using Easy airlines+aircraft matching with default live traffic, Static AI, and MSFS AI Traffic European Livery Pack to try to get some immersion in the ramp areas of airports. It seems to be working–though I wish Asobo would fix their bug that allows multiple aircraft to spawn on top of each other at gates. The double spawning thing is an absolute and total immersion killer.

A few pictures to try to convey just how big this airport is. The last time I was here as a passenger, I remember running what felt like several miles through the concourses trying to get to from the Lufthansa international pier to the Lufthansa domestic pier to make my connection.


I like this thread. I purchased the DC6 shortly before I lost confidence in the Sim following update/ performance issues.

This may rejuvenate my enthusiasm.

:clap: my appreciation


Glad to hear it! While there are still some niggles with SU5, I’m finding that the sim is running great. I bumped my LODs up to 4 in my UserCfg.opt, but I think that is the only change I made. Be sure to set UserCfg.opt to read-only if you mess with it. I’m running ultra on an NVDIA 1080ti and an Intel i7-8700 with 32 GB of RAM. The DC-6 is flying well and PMDG released several updates to address SU5 issues. At least for me, the sim has been stable and performant. I did have massive crashing issues yesterday with A32NX experimental build, but turning off live traffic restored stability. Anyway, I hope you get back in the air!

I’m doing something similar…seems to be a popular challenge!

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@gordongreig , I just revisited your thread today. You’ve made some great progress! We live in a big world and there is a lot to see!

I was thinking about doing airports in the USA in Alphabetical order when I pick up the DC6


That’s a lot of airports!

My plan was to start in Alliance Nebraska

Thanks for the tips and the info on dc6 updates. I hadn’t realised this.

After a few days rest in Frankfurt Germany, we are back in the plane, taxiing for RWY 07C departure. Tonight’s flight involves crossing the North Sea to land in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lined up for a late departure (1915Z, 11:15 pm local) out of Flughaven Frankfurt.

Wheels up. You can see the flicker of the engine exhaust at take-off power.

Downtown Frankfurt, Germany at night.

Another shot of downtown Frankfurt. If you look closely, you can see the flicker from the engine exhaust.

Cologne, Germany and the Rhine River.

Flughaven Dusseldorf and Dusseldorf, Germany.

Over the outskirts of Amsterdam, Netherlands and about to go feet wet. We will return to Amsterdam for a visit (during daylight hours) after we tour the U.K.

England off the port side.

Feet dry over Sunderland, England.

Exciting approach to Edinburgh Airport ILS RWY 06. If you look carefully, you can see that the propeller on engine number four is feathered. We lost the engine just as we were starting the approach. I quickly feathered the propeller and shut down the engine–and in the process realized that the problem was simply that I’d somehow bumped the number four mixture lever to idle cut-off while fumbling around in the dark. At least the engine was fine. We were too low to restart, so continuing the approach on three engines seemed to be the safest option and indeed, we landed without incident.

One of those kind of days…After the engine shutdown fiasco, I was looking forward to seeing the custom EGPH, but it seems to have been SU5’d. As you can see, the terminal is completely missing. Sigh. Anyway, we will have a proper look around the city when we depart during the daylight hours.

Ah, that is better. I exited and reloaded into the airport, and at least the terminal came back. There are unfortunately still some gate issues, but at least we can get a sense of the airport. Here are a few shots.


Departing EGPH.

Downtown Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle and Murrayfield Stadium. Bing data isn’t looking so good here.

Scottish countryside.

A few pictures of the outskirts of Glasgow.

Several pictures of downtown Glasgow, Scotland and the River Clyde.

Bonny heather on the EGPH ILS RWY 23 approach.

Typical Scottish weather on the approach.

SU5 strikes again. Phantom terminal at Glasgow Airport.

The default EGPF, Glasgow Airport isn’t bad, once it shows up. Reloading from the main menu brought the terminal back.


Low clouds and rain, departing Glasgow. Not much to see.

A hole in the overcast near Cumnock, Scotland.

Weather is starting to break up.

Castle Douglas. I was expecting a castle!

Farewell Scotland.

A lone container ship off the coast.

English coastline.

Liverpool, England.

West Kirby, England

Moreton and Liverpool.

Pictures of downtown Liverpool, England with some handcrafted scenery.

Landing in Liverpool while playing, “I Want To Hold Your Hand” on our sound system.

Shutting down at Liverpool-John Lennon Airport (EGGP), Liverpool, England.

Plane spotting from the departure lounge.

Very nice Asobo hand-crafted airport.

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine.

Nice looking bird!


I love these posts. I have it set up so I get an email when you post your next lot of pictures and writeups.
Your very close to where I live. Just across a little bit of water. hopefully you’ll land there and see a bit.
Keep up the good work and thank you


Thanks for the kind words. Where do you live, if you don’t mind me asking? The plan was to head to Belfast next, but I can easily change to accommodate additional destinations.

I live in Dublin and I have the DC6 too. I love it. Probably my favorite one to fly.
By all means go to Belfast anyway. you may have scheduled Dublin too anyway.
In the meantime I’ll keep following and enjoying.

Yes, I’m headed to Belfast first, then Dublin and Shannon after, so hopefully I’ll have some good pictures for you.

Hello, Goodbye Liverpool (EGGP).

One more pass over downtown Liverpool.

The Liverpool waterfront area with the football stadium in the background.

Approaching the Isle of Man.

The town of Douglas on the Isle of Man.

Looking back at the Isle of Man airport and Castletown.

Suddenly the weather isn’t looking so inviting…

Passing close to Scotland before we turn east for the approach to Belfast.

A bit of Belfast on the approach.

Short final, EGAC ILS RWY 22. A bit on the foggy side.

Touching down in Belfast.

George Best-Belfast City Airport (EGAC), Belfast, Northern Ireland.

A bit of the Belfast waterfront in the distance. We will fly over the city once the weather lifts a bit.

Cool thanks. Just looking at your latest leg of the journey now.