Asobo ATR 42-600/72-600

Thanks the above is correct. We’ve been working on it for years now.


Well I’m not saying one is copying the other but it sure looks a bit strange.

You might have to be alittle more specific…
What one bro…

Or the good old “boring new” classic

The new look fir sure.

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News :

We will see what will come true of it, I fly the -600 in real life so I’m not easy to please :wink:.


Is this being made available on the Xbox ?

Mr Hartmann seemed reasonably sure it would be available on Xbox


I’m looking forward to it - if they deliver what they promise (looking at you, Local Legends etc) it could be really nice. I’m dying for a decent regional turbo prop in the sim.

The Kingair never really scratches that itch

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Sorry for posting here, but how the heck do I start a new thread. I am new.

I have more faith in the MilViz one, but let’s see.

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Go to the list of topics in the topic type, like Community/General Discussion… Select +New Topic

You may not have that option yet. I think you have to partake in a few conversations before you start your own. Somewhere there is a FAQ about the board that discusses this.

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Here is a link that explains:

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How come Asobo is stepping into the business of 3rd party devs ! One ATR is fine from Milviz why Asobo building an other one and grabbing business away.
Does not improve the relationship imho.

The Asobo one will probably not be very detailed. Milviz can fill that gap for those who want most (all?) of the switches working as in the real plane.

That certainly qualifies as an understatement :wink::grin:

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Well, because both were in the works simultaneously. Also it’s your choice in the end which one you gonna buy as both will be payware.

Nothing wrong with that at all imho.

MS/Asobo aren’t obligated to care what 3rd party aircraft are being developed nor being wary of stepping on toes because it’s THEIR SIM.
You are only seeing these” well xyz company are already working on a model” boundaries from a customer’s perspective.
This Asobo ATR has probably been in the works before any 3rd party dev showed any interest or intention of making an MSFS version. You also can’t expect Asobo to know the history of 3rd party devs like Milvix nor Majestic. They are not strictly a flight sim company.


I guess if you want to pay twice as much for a couple more of switches working you can get the Milviz ATR and Hans did say the Asobo ATR will be high fidelity so that disproves your claim the Asobo model will probably not be very detailed.


I do wonder if thats why milviz are not exactly pushing through their version while they put more focus on other products such as porting P3D aircraft over and niche aircraft that other companies are not looking at…
Wonder if its just wait and see what happens with asobos version and if there is something majorly lacking then release their version…

Jist hope one comes out first and I can sit bck for a day and see what the reviews are and yep… I’ll be buying it