Asobo completely quiet about these "CTD"!

Yeah, I think it’s timing issues as well. On my CPU the all core limit is 4.3 Ghz (this is where it will stay pinned using performance) but on balanced it will actually go up to 4.6 Ghz if only 1 thread is being used.

Really weird.

Apparently they don’t have ducks. They have squirrels. And they’re all on crystal meth. So this could take a while.


I’m no expert on these settings. With me on ‘balanced’ it drops back to 2.6Ghz and on ‘high’ it goes to 4.3 I think.

But there’s also other stuff… e.g. parking of cores… that changes. I’ve never really compared the two, so I have no real clue what the underlying cause is. And it’s also weird I only have this on the FBW Airbus. The Asobo one doesn’t do this.

I think the phrase “species of ducks” is more accurate. There is so much to communicate about with SU5 and the last couple of years as a whole.


Pretty much accurate description of the bugs since release and now with SU5.
Good luck getting those duckers in a row.

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That’s exactly where mine is crashing, click fly Boom! desktop.

Every one down at ASOBO has probably been working a year straight without a vacation to get this out on Xbox. They were probably promised some time off and a bonus when this thing was done. I can roll with that provided in the next few weeks they get chained to there desk to get this thing fixed :wink:


Concerned that according to the latest forum update that the CTDs “will be addressed in several fixes in WU6”…

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There are probably a few issues I am guessing which could cause CTDs.

It might conceivably take a bit of time to eradicate all of them I suppose.

What are you talking about?

Assessing the situation and already coming up with conrete hotfixes just after one week after release - for a GAME! Now those developers take their job really seriously, I‘d say.

I had the same problem. Everything was OK with the previousl version. I then checked my graphic card drivers and realised that there were more up to date versions. Downloaded the latest version and all OK now. The graphics are now amazing and I suppose the old drivers couldn’t handle it. Hope this helps

Nvidia driver?

OC or no OC, CTD still happens.

No afraid not, been there done all the usual.

They created such a huge hype about launching the simulator on the XBOX and didn’t sufficiently test the code before. I’m having constant CTDs after the last “hotfix” . Hope they fix this mess soon. When the simulator randomly shuts down on a long flight it’s a really bad thing.


They’ve updated the development FBW Airbus. According to the logs a CTD was fixed.

Overhere it’s running now okay on a higher power profile, so I guess that worked out.

I agree, that is a really bad thing… that I and every other AMD card user has been experiencing ever since VR support was launched. Then SU5 came and all our CTD’s went away like a long, bad nightmare… for one week. Their “hotfix” for all the negative issues experienced by those who’d been enjoying the sim since launch basically broke the sim completely for me, and now it won’t even launch to the first splash screen!

But by all means, let’s prioritize all of the lesser issues being suffered by Nvidia users first before fixing AMD’s users inability to even launch the sim at all.

Good to hear. I’m away for the weekend so haven’t been able to try the hotfix or the updated FBW yet.

When they update 20 GBs of data, seems reasonable that there will be bugs.