Asobo completely quiet about these "CTD"!

Can’t understand why we don’t hear anything about these “CTD” all over the place for tons of people!!!
They must know by now we are having “CTD” issues that can’t be replicated as it happens at anytime or anywhere!!! This simulator is unplayable after this update. First time for me as before this update never had a “CTD”!!! Man is this thing tested before release??? If yes, need to do a better job at it!! If it was only a few of us , I would understand but that is not the case!!!

ASOBO you need to get this under control!!


I hope they acknowledge the issues soon and fix these issues.

Right now I can’t even enter the World Map or click Fly because then MSFS crashes…


This is by far the worst update for me yet. I can’t fly at all right now. Rudders, yoke, everything getting totally stuck when I move camera around in cockpit, even though I see their axis moving totally fine on other windows - so 100% not a connection issue. CTD left and right, entire thing is messed up. Even on default aircraft, not just 3rd party ones. Paid 150 for this, and been giving them benefit of doubt over and over again since last years launch :frowning:


Patience is required. This is reminding me about how annoyed I was getting after launch last year. Gradually the issues have been ironed out.

It’s just the same now - gonna take a few months probably (which doesn’t bother me as I havent played the sim for 8 weeks and probably wont for another 8 - longer if it still sucks)


ASOBO wanted to include XBox, so apparently some far reaching changes had to be made and we all now see what happens to PC users. And the more they change the program, the more chances on bugs…


i never had a problem with ctd, but after this update (or should i say downgrade) i have massive problems with ctd by starting the simulator. i‘m very disappointed


since august 18 , 2020 and all previous updates , never had a ctd , since last update 8 ctd’s on 1 day.
this my first day beta testing the new update.


Yep and more and more people going (back) to concurrent flightsims, with a chance they leave msfs permanently, as i am considering.


be sure to check the known issues and perform the workarounds there to avoid CTDs


Yea, everything was fine until this last update (7/27). Now after 5 minutes of flying I get CTD. Cleaned out my community folder, still same result. Pretty frustrated. MSFS is like the little girl with a curl on her forehead, when it’s good, it’s very good but when it’s bad, man it’s really awful. Hopefully we’ll get some help soon. If anyone has found a fix for this, please share it. Any help appreciated.

Just ran “repair” and when that didn’t help did a “reset”. No help there either.


Well MS posted its most profitable quarter Tuesday. Overall revenue rose 21% to $46.2 billion.

Be proud to be part of that! :wink:

Not just CTD but also total seize ups. I have removed ALL the community items (the simple way - take the folder out of the msfs directory)

So starting with any default aircraft (15 new starts so far) I sometimes don’t even get past the “Fly Now” selection - those are mostly game freezes. The first issue was that all my own settings were reset to default - although the controller profiles with my own names were still there. Changing some of these also killed the sim. ALso - I am a Stream Deck user and now I get the feeling that you have changed the keyboard shortcuts without telling us - there were a couple of CTDs using Stream Deck inputs. This should not be because all SD does is to send a keypress signal to msfs.

Also - after this update the computer is running around 10-15 degrees hotter on the GPU and 5 +

When I do get to the parked up on ramp position I have had CTDs while setting the controls, tuning radios, taxying - I haven’t yet made it off the ground yet. No - I am not a noob. Ihavebeen using flightsims since Bruce Artwick was the name…

Also - how do I get rid of these strange “Boy gamer” mouse-overs that tell me to “interact”. Those highlighted switches, knobs and buttons are AWFUL! OK - make that 16 starts CTD now!

I will now shut down and wait until tomorrow - Of course I will drop a bomb on Zendesk. I also bet I will get a reply like "remove all addons in the Community folder.

Personal opinion - “WORST. UPDATE. EVER.” (to any software I have used in the past 50 years) It would be really great if msfs/Asobo could give a public response and not hide behind those Zendesk auto responders.


We are reporting this issue for a year now. Not much was done from what i see, if anything. Also Xbox version is crashing aswell which is completely inexcusable because it’s Microsoft game, Microsoft console, running on Microsoft system. They should have every debug tool possible to analyze and fix it. But they have done nothing, or tried and failed. After a year we still dont even have proper debug / log reporting / uploading tool instead we have to manually look for the files deep in system in hidden folders and searching through event viewer lmao, this game is a technical disaster.


Please step in Jorg Neumann! You are most likely following these forums.


There is people have CTD, others no depend on system spec \ drivers and if addons are used. All CTD are reported automatically to Microsoft from event viewer, they have ALL event, CTD get fixed fast, but new type of CTD get added because of constant development and driver change. Telling older CTD have not been fixed, this is not the case, new CTD type get added. There is been tons of CTD with P3D development as well with dx12 release, this is not easy to fix them all before release.

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So - you mean that after every Sim Update we have to wait “some months” until the bugs are ironed out? You realize that this means we are never ever going to use the sim at all as Sim Updates will be faster than their bugfixing.

Ngl, this Sim Update is a total disaster. Have a look at this forum - it’s on fire and Asobo trying the old “let’s not say anything - it’s gonna go away if we just stay silent” PR method. It never works. But hey - why not giving it a try lol


Same topic here


Yeah i feel for you, i sent them a message about ctd’s and they told me to not overclock which did’t help and to also turn down my setting are you kidding me a3090 rtx card and a 10900k cpu and i am already on high settings, no fix this ■■■■.


I feel for you. I fly in VR and have had CTD’s since Feb after buying an expensive Radeon 6900 xt. It got worse with every update which drove me crazy. All that money for what? Miraculously this su5 update fixed my problems. I’ve been in heaven the last 2 days with no crashes so I’m very happy for the update but sad for you. I know what it’s like.

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I have had only 1 CTD since I purchased the sim in September 2020. I have ZERO mods. I’ve had 3 CTD’s in the last 5 minutes. I get to the airport and click fly now and I’m back to windows.