Asobo completely quiet about these "CTD"!

Got CTDs after loading any aircraft after installing Update 5. Got a pop up notice “There is already an instance of this running”, referring to LogimicrosoftFlightSimulator.exe so I removed the same from my Logitech folder.

The CTDs have disappeared and framerate went from 30 to 60 FPS using an i7-10700K and a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1660 Super on medium settings. There have been a few stutters since the update but no freezes.

My Community Folder is empty.

I’m happy flying in my DC-6… which was completely trashed by the AI pilot, when I gave him the controls to land. Which he did. In a forest, in stead of at the airport through that new advertised ‘feature’. The next flight was a disaster. Everything broken. Fuel leaking out. Battery dead. So bad I had to reinstall. Couldn’t get it fixed any other way.

It’s flying again.

However, whenever I try the FBW Airbus I get thrown out to the desktop. Usually after clicking Fly… sometimes a little bit later.

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I’ve tried about a dozen flights today. All my CTD’s have occurred when starting ‘cold and dark’


My suggestion to msfs/asobo would be to read up about “Kanban” and other quality management ideals.

Especially “Poka Yoke”, 5 Whys et al.

Put a proper quality management system in place and you will reduce errors immensely.


but then they cannot keep to their schedule and thats holy, besides it will cost more…

Then they need to plan their schedules more efficiently. Good quality is never more costly than a frowning customer. Quality management has been my profession for more than the last 30 years of my aerospace engineering career that spanned almost 50 years. I’ve written books on quality. I have proven successes in quality regularly exceeding 25% within 6 weeks of starting a quality management improvement project at space systems suppliers. I spent my last 10 years as a QM for EADS Astrium. I know what a good quality system looks like and msfs/asobo would never get my approval.

As for expensive - in many cases it just needs the people to think more efficiently. Just for example - a couple of simple checking routines in the installer could warn the user of conflicts between his system and the msfs requirements. Just a few lines of code could automatically move the community folder if the user forgets. A few more lines could check and delete the contents.xml

Anyway… without any better alternative, I am forced to do a complete uninstall, system cleanup and reinstall.

Talking of alternatives - things are looking up: I have found a software migration program that will fully back up a functioning “game” and when an update goes wrong, I can roll back without risk.


There really seems to be a lack of thinking in that direction. From the start. You trip over the examples in this sim.

I’m not sure where the problem sits in their organization. Bad project managers? Nobody with an eye for detail? Understaffed? Time constraints? Indeed a complete lack of sensible quality control? Maybe all of the above.

But after a year I don’t think this will improve soon.

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Do you have hardware accelerated Gpu scheduling off? Make sure it’s off

Got a feeling it’s to do with this “new CPU thread and GPU optimisation”, so much as touch the priority or affinity of the exe and it will CTD.

I think so too. I’m crashing consequently with the FBW Airbus if my power profile is not set to ‘balanced’… which probably changes some park / timing stuff on the CPU cores.

All other airplanes can run on high (including the DC-6 and the Asobo Airbus), but not the FBW Airbus.

I suspect they have thread / timing issues. Notoriously hard to debug and very easy to introduce.

Interesting…I’ve had constant CTD all day since the “hotfix” and haven’t been able to fly at all.
crashing while even trying to download the additional content (I’m on my 4th reinstall, ! )
. as a last ditch chance I set my Power plan from High Performance to BALANCED…
and I’ve just done 2 half hour flights…then it crashed during a VR flight …
something in this line of thought for sure !

Bill P

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Well that’s progress!

And happy to hear some confirmation. I do suspect this is only a solution for people with certain CPU’s running on certain speeds. If my hunch about the underlying problem is correct, people with really fast CPU’s might experience more problems (mine is a not so fast i7).

Makes sense in my case i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz 32 gig ram GTX 2080Ti which before this update was producing 40-60fps with settings on Ultra …
Now I have spent 3 days trying to fly at all, and 4 complete reinstalls in desperation !

I really would stop with those reinstalls. The CTD’s are flying over this forum in almost every recent thread. I don’t think anyone but Asobo can solve this. It’s just a waste of time.

Although indeed it might help to temporarily slow down the processor. I think mine is @ 2.60GHz.

Asobo are not controlling this, it’s Microsoft control everything, price, time-frame\fixed date release, project direction, Asobo are not even allowed to post in public.

Monitor your heat on the components, SU5 stresses more of component than before, even they are not maxed.

People, consider ALL add-on sceneries as CTD bombs until they are SU5 approved. Remove every add-on that has not been approved for SU5. Wait for them to be SU5 compatible.

I have the same hardware and it’s constant CTD. I cannot believe how bad this is

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This ex simulator is kipping CTD…never done to me before.
Where did we put our money…
no scenaries , nothing…

after more the 1 hour playing, just arriving, and CTD.

Now who gives my afternoon back? :frowning:
it is not worth spend anoter minute on this …

addon scenery will cause CTDs, they have to be approved by dev