Asobo is just genius

Hi all,

We often read here criticism to Asobo team about many problems we have. But today I wanted to say:
“Thanks, you are genius!”

1/ Have you ever thought to discover the world in Drone view while…cruising in a liner ? Thats’s an awsome experience and work perfectly well. Just Go down under the clouds. Just use the tilt function and enjoy at 360°. The last but not the least: is work very well even from a liner at 250kt or more.
I discovered Norway yesterday between Bergen and Bodo (Norway) at sunset in A320 FBW.

2/ But the biggest congrats I should say to Asobo comes from the fact that I am doing that with a low-to-mid end PC with insanes performances for it.

OK I am not flying over LAX but I am in a phase where I fly many Int’l european airports with the full AIG Traffic addon and many Airports enhancement/addons without any matters.

Here in EGKK without AiG.

With full AiG. Many reds but still flyable

My specs ?

My Graphic settings ? (“Elevé” in French is equivalent to “HIGH”)

Finally, I am so happy with my conf !
But I also should say a big thanks to the author of that I regularly read and apply its Performance Boost Tricks. It help for sure ! Thanks to him a lot.

Then if you have a friend who sell an old GTX970, get it !


My feelings pretty exactly, well written.
There is quite some noise and negativity from few people and some self entitled experts, who seem to be hung up on details, or are overly eager to have some missing feature, which they deem important, worked upon. We all want every aspect of the sim to be perfect, so I sympathize, but often critcs seem be out of proportion, unjustified or simply false (imho)
MSFS is in an awesome state already, and ticks a lot of boxes. Then devs are still working on new features, new content, and keep on ironing out bugs. More and more really good third party planes start to hit the market too now…
Recently also started to watch the Q&As, read the dev. updates, road maps, etc.
Can’t help but to be excited about Asobos commitment and dedication!
Great times to be a flight simmer :smiley:


You have absolutely defined what a great SIM this is, congratulations.


I can just agree that the team is really trying the best to get people satisfied with this product and also to bring in at least some fair amount of transparency.

I know that there are many trolls and grumps active on this forum, even more compared to the official Discord, but if one compares the overall sales (which is more than 2M) to the amount of people complaining it’s really a success.

As the sim is still in active development and will be for a long time I’m always curious on what’s next. The small and big surprises are always welcome on my end and it’s satisfying to see one pressing the “Seb button” on dev Q&A - this way a customer like me gets a clue on how much work, passion and creativity has been put into certain features like the CFD model.

This sim is evolving, visually stunning, and a great platform for other developers providing even more detailed and realistic aircraft and scenery.

That said I also have always in mind that perfection does not exist, that we have limitations on what can be done on a simulation relying on models and there will always be bugs (as also bug free complex software does not exist :wink: )


I am definitely really impressed by how my quite small config can provide to me such good moments and stunning views around the world.
When I see guys that spent thousands money to have the last high end machine and should spent nights and days to tweak in order to fly…
I just wanted to share my happiness about my humble config. (My GPU costs me 80€ on the second hand market…)
Few might feel unconfortable with that.
But in French we say “rendons à César ce qui est à César”.
I let you guys to guess what it means.


Absolutely. Spot on.

I can absolutly agree with you i have both systems low and high end but it amazes me as well how this game can run on a low end pc even with low memory, ddr3, 1333mhz and use only 2.1gb of vram or even less. And still get around 30 to 35 fps above London city between and Heathrow.

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I enjoyed so much FSX, X-plane 11 and even prepar3d but I always felt it wasnt a real flight experience because the world outside the aircraft was like a cartoon. I always dreamed to own a sim where I literally feel Im flying in the real world… and then… OMG!.. I dont know how but Asobo made the trick!!!.. I know that MSFS has many aspects that has to be improved but actually this sim is INSANE!!! Its a dream come true!!!..

So totally agree, Asobo team are GENIUS!


Let’s try the “liner drone flight” as I mentioned above and you will really discover the word in another manners.

Couldn’t agree with you more. Go back 3 years when MSFS had not been announced. Could we have imagined the kind of visuals on a global scale we are taking for granted today? This sim makes me so happy. Great to see appreciative posts such as yours.


I think sometimes we are like spoiled children.
In the Euro zone we only paid 60€ for a “game” that allows us to fly in a wide range of aircraft, in a stunning environment, in almost every airports in the world and in almost all meteorological conditions.
I wonder if we well realize what it means in terms of coding, project, debugging, human skills, competencies, etc.
My only remark I could make to Asobo is just that they have been on all aviation fronts right at the beginning. That actually has led to few major bugs we know because they did to much all at once.
But I honestly think that we easily could be lenient and patient about.
A full flight simulator like real pilots use to train in training centres in the real world costs “just” about 10M$… and the visuals in these sims are far away from what we get in MSFS. Ok we have not a cockpit nor the motion, but we can handle aircraft almost like in the real life, which is the main goal.
Some of them will treat me like a boot-licker with Asobo/Microsoft. I don’t mind and will continue to applaud their dream project.
Anyway, this discussion had raised here many times…
Then let’s enjoy, we are just really spoiled.


you could also just completely leave out the airliner, and fly low and slow in the awesome bush planes :wink:

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You do realize that airliners are the most used airplanes in any flight sim right? Not to mention they are also the ones that promote and bring in most of revenue. Youtube, Twitch,etc.

You’re never going to see any major streamer streaming GA :joy::joy:

If anything, they should get rid of some GA and concentrate more on airliners lol.

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That’s mostly because older sims it was impossible to do VFR correctly. So all the old simmers got into the habit of flying airliners because that’s the only thing you could do realistically. This is no longer the case.

Personally, airliners / IFR is fine on short hauls. Take off, SID, one or 2 waypoints, STAR, approach, land. None of the boring cruise.
Otherwise, GA planes all the way.

If you can watch youtube while doing it; it’s boring :slight_smile:


ACK. I would like to mention the expensive power consumption of a boring 8-10 hours flight.

Sure, but running on the lower end systems will require a corresponding lowering of GFX density/quality depending on the target frame rate. More detail/FPS requires more computer power.

The amazing difference is in algorithms and “standard” GFX card features. I wonder if the average consumer understands the orders of magnitude difference in pure computing power that is fairly inexpensive now, as compared to hardware from just a few years prior. As the understanding of 3D projection into 2D grew, the newer versions of HW added more refined, graphics-specific circuitry, which increases efficiency and therefore speed.

The result of this HW evolution is both good and bad. Constantly evolving HW allows incremental progress but it requires a constant income stream. The latter is always a problem which is, unfortunately, where more than half of available human resources are spent. It may also help explain why lower-end system owners expect more from the sim than their system is capable of.

This is actually incorrect in the case of MSFS. If you are going on popularity, look at the actual data:

Also on actual hours flown the small group of us that are able to share data using our Hours & Hobbs application are showing similar results to the top 10 at the moment. Of course the 320s and others are up there but they are by no means at the top.

You must be watching a different YouTube to the rest of us.


The really amazing thing for me about this game still amazes me every day - the fact that it runs BETTER THAN FSX on my 14 (yes fourteen) year old PC :open_mouth:

This shows very clever tweaks to the underlying coding. I can keep all the main settings on very high/high with no issues and above 25FPS. In some places upto 35-40FPS. In FSX I was getting 9-15FPS.

So yea, thanks MiSobo :grinning:

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I fly the Fenix in VR. During flight I move myself with the VR goggle on, until I step out of the cockpit and I enjoy the world views from outside the plane.
And it is always a big WOW!
My family thinks I am crazy, by the way, when they see me standing in the middle of the room with the VR on.,. LOL

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