Asobo, more passenger views in aircraft? Modders?

I know the windows had to be modeled in the airliners, and those views are great. More would be cool. But you have all these planes with amazing interiors and no default passenger views to look around from. Can this get some traction? Anyone else would like this? Can this be a mod release from any talented modders with special config files?


I would definitely be interested in something like this too, a passenger view in some propellers/turboprops would be great.


Already a mod that has backseat views for most of the props. KingAir, Caravan, tbm, G36 and G58, CJ4. Cessna172. Only 1 back window for any airliners though I believe for the A320.

I’m using files from the 1st one, which alt + 1 should switch you to copilot. Some larger planes have 9 or 10 views going towards back seats. Some have a windshield view that can go thru cabin to above and below plane and forward some.
Setup for both replaces the same files I believe, and I think you can still replace the custom views with the default keys as explained in flight lesson 1. Or you can add more to the ones that only use the first 3 or 4.

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