Asobo seriously under utilising graphics ability, eg no Tower View, Fly by

I recently posted about there being (as it seems) no way to adjust the distance as opposed to zoom of the spot plane in FS2020. As it is, you get horrible perspectives of the tailplane appearing large as you cannot move away before zooming in.

This is not the only “viewing” shortcoming, and it seems to be that – despite drone view – they are seriously under-using the most important element of FS2020 ie the graphics.

The missing features are

1/ The above inability to set spot plane distance

2/ There is no tower view – astonishing. Like many others, I find half the fun is landing the aircraft remotely from the tower. You get really great views. All that graphics ability and no way to use it here. I have tried using drone view – I cannot find a satisfactory setup that autozooms into the plane when it is far away.

3/ No Fly-by view

Needless to say FSX could do all these.

Golden rule of new software – do not remove good features of the previous edition.……

Actually FSX didn’t have tower view built in as std, it was effected by a third party add in (where you could set tower position using map view) – but previous versions of Flight Simulator did.

The intention of this post is to ask

1/ Do you agree that these should be must-haves?

2/ Do the features exist after all (ie maybe I just haven’t found them)

3/ Are there other threads already pursuing these things?

4/ Are these on their to-do list already?

5/ If not how to get them there?

Due to these shortcomings I’ve found myself returning to FSX - that should not need to happen!

So – as far as I can see – only real reason for having FS2020 vs FSX is the graphics, and FS2020 doesn’t give you in that area all that FSX does… how strange is that!


yes there is:

why not use a simple search?

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THanks - somehow missed that

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