Assistance options grayed out

Once again and more problems since last Update. Problem I have is in Assistance options. under Piloting lots seem Greyed out so cant change anything so basically my planes wont steer left or Right if anyone could help me out and sort this problem i would greatly be appreciated Thanks.

What aircraft are you flying? FBW exp by any chance?


I am sorry to hear that your sim is having issues. In the future, please use the Community Support area of the forums for asking questions instead of General Discussion. Your thread has been moved there.
Also, it would help to know if this is happening for one or more specific aircraft.

Are you flying landing challenges? I seem to remember assistance options are grayed out in certain activities or challenges. Maybe this also includes bush trips?

No I have not done any bush trips or challenges. flight sim was ok other day flew the FBW plane great now i try and fly it taxi first but when I taxi I cant steer the plane at all. and also when I went into Assistance options Lots was all Greyed out so could not alter anything even trim i could not do. im so lost. what to do next.

Just looking now in Asistance Options click on Piloting and auto rudder is Off and greyed out yoke the same and Trim etc.

Yes im checking if its happening with other aircraft thanks.

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Im on the FBW stable metalplains. never had problems before with it so what do you know that i dont?

Assistance options are getting in the way of the use of the FBW A320 so they are disabled when using this plane after a recent FBW update. Your assistance options should be normal in other aircraft.

We have disabled all assistance and AI features to prevent compatibility issues with A32NX custom systems. You may manually enable some AI features through MSFS settings accessible when pressing ESC . You can see what settings you can customize in the image below.


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If you’re using FBW A32NX Stable version 0.8.0, you can also download this mod that I made to re-enable the assistance. Just make sure you read the instructions on the mandatory steps that you need to make. (There’s a reason why they disabled the assistance, and following my instructions would make sure the issues don’t creep in)

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Yes I see that now. but now when I taxi in the A320NX theres no Steering. so how do I steer the plane?

Ok cheers for that Neo I will try that Thank you.

hI Neo I have added back the tool bar and it is back working thank you very much for that help again. I had that Toolbar before but for some reason when FBW updated it just went. strange that is.

No, they deliberately turned it off to prevent conflicting issues between the assistance and the current FBW build. Turning them off entirely is the quick and easy way to do it. But from what I observe, setting the entire assistance to True to Life is basically turning everything off without removing it from the toolbar. And so far I don’t have any issues. But apparently most people still have “some” assistance active, which does conflict with the aircraft.

My mod just simply re-enables it, but as long as your assistance is set to True to Life as a base preset, it shouldn’t conflict with anything. Glad it works for you too.

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Neo i did flight fine today I did as you said download that toolbar… now im just about to do another flight and that Toolbar is not showing so once again i cant steer this FBW A320? anything I need to do Neo?

Well, when you installed it, does it ask you to replace the file? If it doesn’t ask you to, then it won’t work.

But why do you need to steer? I don’t think the steering assist works on the A32NX entirely. You should only use minor non-controlling assists like ATC or Taxi Ribbon, but everything else should be off.

I have read the thread and see that FBW disabled some things in the assistance options.

  1. What is volocopter and why am I seeing it?
  2. I’m not currently flying the FBW A320 but seemed to be locked out from changing this.
  3. I’m currently flying the Fenix A320.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Assistance options are tied to the aircraft that you’re flying.

On previous versions of FBW A32NX, this was disabled due to the assistance options interfereing with the operations of the aircraft. But this is now re-enabled again in the latest version.

Same thing with Fenix A320, it looks like they don’t want you to have any assistance which can cause problems with the operations of the aircraft. So they applied the same method as the FBW team did, by disabling Assistance options on the aircraft level.

The Volocopter is just what the sim assigns when an assistance is disabled on the aircraft level. It doesn’t really mean anything.

While it might be confusing and easily mistaken of having everything disabled. This is actually not the case, you can still enable “some” assistance that’s not related to the operations of the aircraft itself like Taxi Ribbon, or ATC assistance. To enable this, you have to open the submenu that you want (Piloting, for example) and you should see some assistance that is not greyed out and they’re available to use. You can just enable them, and they should work just fine.


Thank you for the explanation. I read your response earlier just wasn’t sure it was applicable to the Fenix version and I hadn’t screwed something up. Thanks again!