ATC and my Co-Pilot Are Trying To Kill Me

Or at least trying to put me in the funny farm. Why? I’ll give the briefest rundown possible and I’d like to know if anyone else is seeing this behavior or if I’ve inadvertently brought this on myself.
A/C: FBW A320 Dev. latest build
C&D, filed the IFR f-plan myself, then gave the mic to co-pilot while we taxied out.
F-Plan tops out at 9600 ft as this is a very short hop. Clearance gave 7k as the first FL so upon takeoff we make our way up. Before getting there I’m given 10k, then 12k. Meanwhile I set the STAR, runway, etc. and add to the end of the flight plan. Somewhere in all of this Co-Pilot gets it in his head to ask for change in destination. New one? LZSB. Meanwhile also autopilot hauling butt (no speed in the flight plan) overshoots waypoint and circles back. Great…

ATC now assigns 14k, then 16k, then 18k. Co-Pilot is still pulling his ■■■■ when the mic is free…Soon as 19k is reached (of course) a crash dive to 10k, then 4k is ordered by ATC. While everyone in back is vomiting the pastries and coffee they had before boarding I’m struggling to get this thing down without overshooting. I didn’t eat before this jaunt thankfully. Too bad Co-Pilot didn’t either :frowning:

We break out of the clouds after working the a/c to prep to land and I see this tiny little runway and two buildings way too far down and too close to make. From 2 to full flaps, riding the speedbrake (not sure if this is even correct for the a/c but its working so ■■■), kick in the 2nd autopilot and much to Co-Pilot’s dismay we are going to make it into Bern on time. Little struggle to stop and turning around is like at the end of 16 is like two people pivoting around each other in a single user bathroom stall but hey, besides the need for dry cleaning in the back its all good.

This is the 2nd time I’ve had ATC in Europe (i’m on a random world tour) AND my co-pilot act like fools. ■■■ am I doing or is this a new bug in SU5? Also being relatively new to PROPER flight (somewhat) of aircraft with MCDU or FMC do the FL and speed need to be programmed into each waypoint even when importing from Simbrief? I thought this was imported but I know it wasn’t today and I"m thinking the previous EKCH - LZSH didn’t have them either.

Thanks! And watch the coffee stains on the way out to the gate.


Thanks for the laugh :rofl:

Sorry I can’t answer your questions, I’m a simple GA driver who’s still learning to use these newfangled navigation tools, what happened to my ADF?

Have you considered writing for a living? :slight_smile:


Already had similar experiences. :partying_face: Unfortunately, it doesn’t help to change the copilot :woozy_face:

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