ATC-Chatter is being developed for FS2020

Great news for those who loved the X-ATC-Chatter addon for x-plane.

The Commercial Designer & Creator of X-Camera, X-ATC-Chatter and X-Keypad (X-plane addons) has announced yesterday (on the X-plane forum at that he is developing an X-ATC-Chatter equivalent for FS2020.
FS2020 Post Release Thread #2 - Page 20 - General Flight Sim - X-Plane.Org Forum


I’m in the process of writing an X-ATC-Chatter equivalent for FS2020.I have made good progress and have a working beta that is ready for some user feedback.

I would prefer to find some existing X-Plane X-ATC-Chatter users who are now flying FS2020 to help test. If you are interested please post your interest in the following thread.

I found it great for added immersion. My simmer husband loved the lady controller with the sexy Irish accent. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for posting this. I’ll be starting the beta for this in a few days. I have a first cut of the player that seems to be working very well.

For those of you you already own X-ATC-Chatter your Regions clip folder can be used without modifications with the new FS2020 player. For those of you that do not own X-ATC-Chatter I will include a limited sample clips folder do you can help test without the need to buy the product.

I’m also interested in knowing if there is a site similar to that has the forum functionality where files can be easily uploaded and shared with users that is FS2020 focused.

Mark Ellis
Stick and Rudder Studios

12 Likes is a good freeware site to upload FS2020 files/mods/liveries/etc.


i guess this is the standalone program? cause i’m already using it in combination with P2ATC without problems

Hi, I have X-ATC Chatter - happy to test and assist, Bill

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Yes, the stand-alone player will play the clips for those users who are not using P2ATC.

Hi, I have the X-ATC Chatter - happy to test.

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To start thanks for doing this

I didn’t do X plane so I didn’t know what this was, I did find a good short demo on Utube

Both I and my ‘he who must obey’ have X-ATC-Chatter and will be happy to beta test

Hi, I have X-ATC Chatter - happy to test and assist, Bill

Hi, I have X-ATC Chatter for x-plane - happy to test and assist.

I’ve been using X-ATC Chatter for x-plane for a long time, i’d be happy to test this in MSFS. So glad you are developing for it.

I don’t have the X-ATC chatter, but I’d be happy to test the mod.

One of the good addons for X-Plane that and a reasonable cost too. And yes I remember the female Irish ATC well

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The beta for FS2020 is now available here:

This is an open beta and it includes 400 clips in the U.S. so you can try it out for free.

Let me know what you think.



Great news. Thanks a lot.
Amazing that the site is allowing you to make the download available there.

Yes. I think they will be ok for a bit as I sell a fair amount of my X-Plane stuff on their store. I need to find a site similar to for FS2020.


Thanks Mark, just tried a quick flight with it and it works well as a first build. No problem with connecting to MSFS and Microsoft Visual Studio redistributables not required to be installed for me. I also installed the full set of audio files from my X-ATC -Chatter which work without problems in MSFS. Thanks :slight_smile:

Great News. Thanks for letting me know.

Testing it now Mark , im not sure what i was expecting but this is so much more wow!!!

Working great while cruising around florida in my long-eze!

I typically do most of my flying around the uk and europe, if i was to purchase the file library would it work with msfs in the same way as what im testing now?