ATC Incorrect Phraseology

Can I help keep it open until its fixed?

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Is it normal that ATC after flight following request reporting to me MY aircraft as near radar contact?

Can we get rid of the “report traffic” requests? It’s blocking the frequency and I’ve never heard it in real life with regards to IFR traffic.


Are you flying in US or EU. I made a mod which solves this or at least uses the correct phraseology in most cases but it is based on ICAO + Eurocontrol recommendations.

Both actually. I wouldn’t mind hearing EU phraseology in the US though :slight_smile:

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‘US Terms’ aren’t standard - there’s a lot more to the planet than the USA. ICAO is larger.

I’m sick of everything being biased towards the USA, including this ATC ‘engine’.


Thank you!

Please tell me it uses QFE too!?

And can we have the option for altitude in feet plus speed in knots and crucially QFE or QNH in millibars (or Mint Pascals or whatever - not inches of mercury)


If you select Hybrid you well have altitude in feet and speed in knots? Millibar / Hectopascal instead inHg is indeed something we need, together with correct transition altitudes instead of the US 18000 ft everywhere…


Yes - exactly my point Ft, Kts, Mb and UK gallons.

I got issued a “Position and hold” clearance in the Sim the other day. This was a US-ism that was explicitly removed in favor of ICAO standard a few years back.

Should be: “Callsign, runway 27, line up and wait.”

Very often in real life, I’ll get issued some situational awareness advisories with it.

“Beech 56D, runway 27, line up and wait, traffic crossing downfield / traffic departing.”

PPL, Instrument - Airplane

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It might be it was just a FSX-ism :slight_smile:

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I’ve never liked using sim ATC… It’s always a bit off and would require a lot of work to become more realistic. And it’s probably not the priority at the moment, especially considering that you already have alternatives to the sim ATC.

I tried to completely disable ATC in the settings. The problem is that when you do that, you cannot receive the ATIS anymore in the sim, which is the only thing I use. So I had to keep it.

It would be great if Asobo could allow the ATIS to remain enabled if you decide not to use the ATC.

As to the ATC biased towards FAA/US phraseology, I think they should have made things slightly different:

  • either consider that they cannot replicate all the national differences all around the world, and go with the official, standard ICAO phraseology.
  • either try to replicate some of the national differences, but in that case the task is much more complex… In that case, for example, instead of “Flight following” in Europe it should be “Flight Information Service”. Or “Line up and wait” as it was said earlier in this post.

It’s a missed opportunity; really too bad. A lot of future pilots, whether glider pilots, GA pilots or ATPL licensed pilots will start their training in this sim. It would be such a good idea to teach these newbies some proper use of ATC phraseology, I don’t really understand why Asobo Microsoft didn’t invest in this important aspect of flight. Of course it would be even better if there would be different accents to make it more realistic, that shouldn’t be a problem. Five languages would be nice, but for starters UK English and American English would help, since English is the ICAO RT language. It would be a simple way to really upgrade the simulator, especially for VFR, because the fraseology used in VFR Radiotelephony is less complicated than IFR RT. Anyway, I agree with you, Don.

Cheers, Marc


Phraseology and radio brevity is important for the reasons people above have already stated.
I fail to understand how the Devs didn’t do some basic research in regards to this issue. But trust it can and will be fixed soon enough.


I think some of what Asobo seems to be doing is relying on Euro-centric aviation material. FSX seemed to cater to a more US centric aviation environment.
We all doing it Euro-Style theses days…

The latest feedback snapshot is disturbing regarding the ATC debacle…

‘Matches FAA’ :frowning_face:

sigh… how many times do we need to say it…


I hope it at least adds options to make it more realistic ourselves. I released a mod to change the MSFS phraseology into European phraseology (essentially ICAO + a few Eurocontrol recommendations), but you can’t make it totally realistic as a lot of options are unavailable, and there is no way of fixing the 18000 transition altitude and inHg instead of hPa :expressionless:. In my mod I tried to make the text in the ATC window represent proper phraseology, highlighting the differences with the text-to-speech with brackets.




@Nijntje91 your mod is great, here’s hoping you will release an update after Sim Update 4