ATC Incorrect Phraseology

EXACTLY – same for some other abbreviations, like ST etc.

If you can use notepad, you can fix it yourself, while waiting for ASOBO to maybe address it.

In 20 minutes, you can fix / change so many of those ATC responses, to literally ANYTHING you want !!!

Just EDIT with Notepad, your particular language file …

EASY … and Problem solved.

God helps those that help themselves

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The ATC at the moment seems way too basic, however in the latest Q&A the devs did mention that they are addressing the issues and working on ATC improvements!

Since update 5 and still in update 6 the ATC tells that that I can land but when I press appr button on A320 it starts to land but drops very low before landing. I think the ATC is approving landing to early. Or am I doing something wrong?

This solves a lot, at least in European airspace:

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This one is for free!

I’d like to see them provide the option to have audio files (.mp3, .wav) etc. override the synthesised voices. Before speaking the synthesised line, it would check to see if an audio file exists, and if it does, it would use that instead.

This would allow for community-sourced voices. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would do a professional job of reading the script. You could choose to have a controller with a French, Italian or Japenese accent.

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For example, I have the Graz Airport from ORBX. The floor designations are one A. The ATC can also announce the correct taxi routes, but not to a gate. I’m flying the A320 and they want to send me to general aviation. At Payware Cologne yesterday, everything worked perfectly. It seems like only certain airports are affected. Is there any remedy here?
Sunny greetings from Germany

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Is it normal that ATC after flight following request reporting to me MY aircraft as near radar contact?

Can we get rid of the “report traffic” requests? It’s blocking the frequency and I’ve never heard it in real life with regards to IFR traffic.


Are you flying in US or EU. I made a mod which solves this or at least uses the correct phraseology in most cases but it is based on ICAO + Eurocontrol recommendations.

Both actually. I wouldn’t mind hearing EU phraseology in the US though :slight_smile:

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‘US Terms’ aren’t standard - there’s a lot more to the planet than the USA. ICAO is larger.

I’m sick of everything being biased towards the USA, including this ATC ‘engine’.


Thank you!

Please tell me it uses QFE too!?

And can we have the option for altitude in feet plus speed in knots and crucially QFE or QNH in millibars (or Mint Pascals or whatever - not inches of mercury)


If you select Hybrid you well have altitude in feet and speed in knots? Millibar / Hectopascal instead inHg is indeed something we need, together with correct transition altitudes instead of the US 18000 ft everywhere…