ATC Incorrect Phraseology

FT Worth is pronounced F T Worth not Fort Worth

To be clear, you are saying that Fort Worth is being said, in the sim as F T Worth, and not Fort Worth.

What it should be doing is typing FT Worth, but saying Fort Worth

This may be because in the Language file for US (English)

“ATCCOM.AGENT_NAME DALLAS FT WORTH.0.text”: “Dallas-Ft Worth”,

text is the text that is displayed
tts is the text send to the Text-to-Speach engine

to fix it, Asdobo would need to change the tts line to be

“ATCCOM.AGENT_NAME DALLAS FT WORTH.0.tts”: “Dallas Fort Worth”,

There are many other examples
Ft Myers (in fact anything that is Ft xxxxxxxx )

In fact, it would seem that while providing an OPTION to have the TTS say something different to the Text, in “almost” all l instance I can see, they are the same … so ASOBO have not yet got around to OPTIMISING this language file. (Probably Programmatically generated ? )

Also you will find that “3” is “Tree” “5” is tts “Fife” :stuck_out_tongue: and “9” is “niner”
They missed “1” as being “Wun”

If you put in a ZenDesk ticket, this would be something they could quite easily fix.

Ideal “grunt work” for the Interns !!! :wink:

you are right might not have explained myself correctly yes the ATC is saying F T Worth not fort worth

And I replied and told you why … Needs a simple Fix … MSFS needs many SIMPLE fixes, and less new Scenery, until those fixes are done.


Yes definitely. And while all the extra verbiage is going on we can’t open the dialogue box to get a ‘word in edgeways’ - like contacting an airfield or whatever. And wherever I go I seem to be at a radar controller boundary where endless ‘controller tennis’ happens which is so annoying - even with R/T designated to First Officer Oveur - that I have turned it off and mostly ignore it. Approach controllers also like sending us onto occupied runways and often want us to land downwind regardless of strength.

That seems to be a recent bug, it wasn’t happening before patch 2.

That’s not how game development works. The Scenery developers are not the ones working on those ‘simple fixes’. They most likely wouldn’t have the skill set to work on the ATC as their focus is on scenery. So them working on scenery is not taking development time away from ATC changes.

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My ATC icon disappeared after the 1.83 patch when they added that pause button. the option to add it back is greyed out so that only thing I can do if I want ATC is to let the copilot operate the comms.

Yes, I realize that, probably more than most from my professional life.
Also, I suspect that much of the Scenery work is sub-contacted out to those who have the necessary skill & resource to develop “real world” based scenery, as opposed to fictional game scenery.
Might not be taking up In-House development time, but is taking development budget , and at the end of the day, its really all about the almighty DOLLAR, (despite the PR spin)

I cannot fire up MSFS till the next update (I made that commitment to myselff, to regain some sanity), but maybe ATC got turned off in the general Confiuration menu, so while it continues to show in the Pull Down menu when flying, it is not selectable. ?

Just a Wild Guess …

Yes thank u finally some that knows,it has no vector whats so ever very small also no departures vector headings altitude fsx did way better than this

I’ve checked and checked and checked again its all on the drop down option during flying is greyed out

Maybe someone else can check for you to see if they see the same… unfortunately, I can’t for about 4 weeks. Gaming PC with MSFS is “down” for “service”

Not in the US either. Other glitches include: Not being prompted for ATIS when approaching a towered airport IFR or VFR (If it is class C or B you should listen to ATIS prior to contacting Approach and tell them you have "Information Alpha, or whatever it is), Calling for a right base when the active runway is to your left, or a left base when the active is to your right; having you take off or land on a runway that has a tailwind. It is as if ATC has dyslexia.

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Maybe someone will create an addon that lets us hear real radar or tower or ground controllers via the internet. We could at least hear proper ATC and obey them - slotting in with real-world traffic & doing everything except of course replying to them. Or we could switch it off when we want to - just like I have done with the sim’s ATC.

Listen to LIVEATC to hear what real world ATC sound like

Then, when you hear an active Controller ( Approach controllers are best,), then go to

and you can actually see a live map of the planes they are controlling.

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I’ve given up on ATC - turned off the voices all together. I fly with PilotEdge

You gotta pay but it’s real people who know what they’re doing. Unfortunately it’s only for the Western US, but it is spot on! They have their own ATIS, clearance delivery, ground, tower, approach and center controllers on discreet frequencies. Now granted, depending on the time of day and location, you may hear the same guy on all frequencies - he may answer a guy as tower at Santa Barbara then talk to you on the ground at Palm Springs but it works! The clearances are proper, the altitudes make sense, you can make requests, Hell you can even declare an emergency! So realistic!

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100% agree – you get what you pay for - and what you get is amazing, #1

@cooljay113, cities that have the name “Fort” in them are often abbreviated “Ft.” ATC spells this out as “eff tee,” so for all of these cities that should be changed so the TTS says “Fort” instead.

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FS ATC is annoying, mutted since very first day.