ATC Please Shut Up

That’s odd; I’ve never been told to use a certain altitude in VFR.

(In the sim, I mean.)


LOL, you win the internet for today!


yes – That can become very repetitive and annoying …

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I thought it odd as well.

If only. FSX atc was a LOT better than what we have in msfs. Massively so.

He is annoyed. Annoyed at all these “Pilots” that never finished flight school.

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Well I have flown a lot in the SoCal area IRL and on some days it was almost like what you hear in MSFS :slight_smile:
That is usually when ATC uses terms like BREAK when going from one aircraft to another.

The real issue in MSFS however is not the traffic volume. It is the error in the flight altitudes of the AI, which cause the constant “xyz you are 300ft above…” or “YXJ, please expedite…”

There are multiple posts regarding this and I believe also bug-reports. But as far as I know zero response from Asobo devs.

That is not the issue. When you use Offline AI traffic that traffic is constantly being told to expedite.

I guess it’s a baro issue. It’s the same issue we had a couple updates ago.

I suspect it’s the usual coder’s nightmare, you fix one thing and two others break. Of course it will get fixed eventually but by then I expect to look like this

Nope…different situation, similar ATC calls.
The one you refer to is the one you might get if you are not climbing or descending at >700ft/min to an assigned altitude.
The calls that really clog up the frequencies so to speak are directed at AI aircraft that happily fly along according to “their instruments” at an assigned altitude and ATC sees them at X-ft too hig or too low and asks them to correct.

I had that problem with live traffic a long time ago. Since i’m using navigraph nav data for MSFS i don’t have that problem anymore. I don’t know if there is a connection.

I still have the issue with offline traffic but the ATC mod kind of “solves” the problem.

I have read the comment before that with Live traffic the problem doesn’t exist.
But for me not really an option because my ISP isn’t all that good and between Live Wx, Asure Speech and Photogrammetry it is pretty much at it’s limit :slight_smile:

Yup I agree. No doubt it’s folk that set up their flight before scooting off to mow the lawn or fix the roof. My suggestion would be after two warnings your flight would be forcibly moved to the required height or possibly you are switched offline and your flightplan forgotten server side (the easiest solution). For those that must then maybe a choice to ignore altittude calls much like the ignore IFR option but then you would be placed no longer be visible online.

I am more concerned with ATC giving me instruction to land from FL 400 about 15 miles from the airport than waiting 30 seconds to contact them. I was excited to finally install AIG and see a full airport of AI planes. I always use Vatsim so I decided to try the sim ATC for the first time. I was so disappointed how broken ATC is in terms of final approach.

I dunno… ever since I create my flight plan using SimBrief then Load the .PLN file into the world map, my ATC always gives me the right descend instructions at the right time.

I just assumed it was because I am a PITA Pilot, and each controller knew that, and kept wanting to pass me off to someone else.

I have had times when two controllers have passed me back and forth continually, one after the other, multiple times, (Baltimore / Washington / NY area )

I always use Live Traffic. I’ve never used AI Offline. And I’ve had this issue quite a few times. It’s not a regular thing, but is very locational and varies depending on how much traffic there happens to be. You get the odd day where suddenly there’s about 3x the amount of traffic there typically is in that area for no apparent reason.

I do a lot of flying across south Florida. Most days, I’ll encounter maybe a dozen Life Traffic planes through my flight. But on the odd day, there will be easily 3x that many planes in the air and the radio chatter from ATC is basically a non-stop, 1 way stream that leaves you no time to chime in with your responses.

Don’t fly with live/ai traffic. Or turn off atc voices all together. Those are your two options.
Or, better yet, fly on vatsim!

The Classic with ATC
Go around! but not one aircraft on the runway or ground anywhere, or flying near the airport.
So you do as your told and go around.
Then next attempt, told to go around again still no sign of any life.
Then again, Go around!.. so just ignore as per usual before you run out of fuel!