ATC sharing in Group Only mode

I was flying in a group of my friends earlier today, and we found that it is impossible to share our ATC information. We could not hear or see each other’s ATC information. Well, not a big problem but it’s kinda annoying. If AI ATC could control us all at the same time, that will be much much better. If it`s hard to make it come true in all/live players mode, at least we want us all to follow only 1 ATC controller in ‘group only’ mode. We are all in the same frequency, we are all following the ATC, and we got a terrible jam at the runway. We really hope this issue can be solved one day. Thks!

And thank you again for creating this GREAT GREAT AMAZING simulator! True love from China.(My English might be terrible, sorry: )


Well it is actually a big issue. I was flying over Gibraltar yesterday in live players mode, I did every necessary procedures with the ATC in order to land. I was cleared to land and in final stage, there was another player on the runway to take off. Then I created a group to see if my friends were able to hear my conversation with ATC or not. And no, they do not hear me, I do not hear them as well…

I don’t know if there could be a fix for this but without ATC, it is not a simulator. Sorry. How come we can create flight plans and fly according to ATC without having a proper live ATC. Oh by the way, the ATC itself sucks… Definitely needs to be improved in a multiple way…


Yeah.Totally agree.How could we call an ATC “controller” which is unable to control air traffics? For me It`s more like a speaking toy right now. :disappointed:


I just created a post, regarding this matter, questioning if I can hear other player’s atc messages. Well… you just answered it and I am disappointed.

For me, not being able to hear other player’s atc messages destroys the entire “simulation” And “live kinda-realistic” atmosphere.

Not a fan of VATSIM. I don’t really like speaking myself, so if they could just make work that you can hear/see other player’s atc messages, it would make the multiplayer a lot better for me.


Absolutely. I’d love to have the ATC synchronized. I understand that might get chaotic in bigger sessions or crowded areas but then at least we should be able to have synchronized ATC in Group-only sessions. It lowers the immersion of the otherwise really great simulation if you are getting your take-off clearance while others are landing right in that moment and so on. Multiplayer mode would greatly benefit from that feature and as nice as VATSIM might be, I fully agree with @DomKe1205 that it is not for everyone.
Really hope, the dev’s consider adding this!


Yes, Group-only ATC is a must have feature, it is really annoying when you get overtake by another plane, because he ALSO has landing clearance. I Love this game and i appreciate the effort put into it, but the ATC right now is almost useless.


ATC should only be synchronised in Group / Real Players only, as if it was trying to control people in All Players as they have different weather the departing / landing runways would be different.

Also perhaps a mode for Real ATC where if a player does not follow ATC it kicks them back to All Players? So that people in that MP have to be following the ATC.


True that. As traffic separation is the whole purpose of ATC it seems to be failing badly at that.
Also it could be a bit more forceful when you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do.
Also: In real life I usually need clearance to cross runways.


Former USAF controller here; just wanted to expand on your last statement there and maybe educate some folks about what happens the behind-the-scenes when it comes to runway crossings.

If the runway is inactive and not under the local controller’s control, Ground can issue instructions to pilots to cross that runway. If, however, the runway is active or the local controller has control of it, then the Ground controller must coordinate with the local controller to facilitate the crossing. This is typically done via a recorded voice communication, and goes something like this:

GC: “One to cross 34R at Alpha.”
LC: “Approved; report crossing complete.”
GC: “JD”
LC: “CH” (They sign off of the “call” with their operating initials)
…Ground issues the crossing instruction, and then Ground calls local back up and notifies him/her that the crossing is complete. Of course, if there’s a lot going on, Ground may not be given permission to allow the aircraft to proceed right away.

Hopefully this explains some of the inner workings of a tower environment, and why you as a pilot might be told to hold short for a while for no obvious reason :slight_smile:


i want this it would make atc so much better

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Please comment and give this topic some activity so it well be listed up!
There is a huge issue when it comes to ATC activity in Multiplayer mode - please find my nice video also made in January 2021 - the last minutes are relevant as we see an Airbus departing in Innsbruck - 1) not announced 2) using the completely wrong runway… I mean whta the heck, no problem for arcade mode - but I got the landing clearance and I am using real weather -… Why dont we have two ATC modes “arcade” and “reality” so players can choose between fun flying and somehow of reality flying - where commands need to be followed and you can enter paths realistically etc.

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a bit like sharing a quest automatically in other mmo’s & multiplayers.That has my vote
Where if one player accepts a quest,a pop up shows for all members of the group asking if they want to accept the flightplan /ATC setup/etc etc…

I think this also would be a good way of crushing bugs in it ATC needs looooooots of work - #89 by TripsyTipsy like the progress data wipe after loading saves.Or the disconnect between IFR & ATC instructions after loading a save file.For multiplayer it would need to work & these issues would be easier to detect & maybe even overcome/bypass;if you lose your progress somehow,another group member has your back & can simply share again so you’re back on track. I guess in a multiplayer setting ,players would need the option to fast travel to location & point of group in the flight. So players can join in later too & easily catch up with friends if they have to work late or have different matters which causes them not being able to join initially.Or get behind due to connection issues or so;It would always be easy to get together again.