ATC telling me I'm at the incorrect altitude

Same for me, on pc windows Store version. Arrived at FL290 as requested by ATC, altimeter on standard and keep saying I am 400ft below assigned altitude.

Seems that ATC still keeps the ground QNH for any flight level, even above transition altitude.

Should be great also to have ATC to detect local transition altitude or at least the one input in the FMS to change to standard. can be more realistic and seems be simple to have an if/else on the transition altitude vars.

By the way, hope to have a quick fix for the standard QNH as fast as the previous fix. It is almost perfect.

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Yep, It’s annoying :pensive:


Moreover, the current altitude is always lower or higher than the specified or automatically managed altitude ranging from 100ft to 300ft


The aircraft is lasted of development A32NX

I’m getting this flying IFR in any plane, constantly told to expedite my climb. Using correct baro too. It was fine before the update.


This is apparently tied to live weather. Altitude can be off by as much as 2500ft whilst using live weather. I saw this post about it.

Using preset weather is a workaround for now :slight_smile:


same here, was fine before update


Same here. very annoying

Came here for this, voted.

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Just seen a few posts on the and have voted. Its really annoying and seems to only have happened since the most recebnt update. Was hoping it would be rectified in the latest “hotfix” as well. I am having issues in the 787 but from the thread it seems to be across multiple planes. It also seems to be across both the PC and the XBOX releases (I am a PC user).

I have the same problem.

It does NOT matter if one is flying above 18000 ft with the altimeter set to 29.92, or below 18000 with the altimeter set as instructed. The bug happens in both cases.

I tested using the wrong setting of 29.92 below 18000 ft, hoping that doing so would be a reverse version of the sim bug, and thus cancel it out… doesn’t help either.

My record was 1700ft, that I had to climb above my “official” altitude to get ATC to stop bugging me. (Of course, I was already at my aircraft’s ceiling.)


Yes the Same here. Im currently at FL360 and ATC told me to climb to FL350. Very annoying

Same here since latest update.
In the last flight was constantly told to expedite my descent to 18000 while I was supposed to be FL35000 and this was at the beginning of the flight. Really annoying and having to play with volume down as its every minute Im gettting called

Exact thing thats happening to me.I have tried all versions of the A32NX and no luck.
I have uninstalled the Aircarft until they fix all the issues.Its a shame it was really stable until SU5.

Yes, this is really annoying. My work around is that I change the altimeter down .04 or .05 to meet the right altitude from ATC to get rid of it.

The only real workaround at the moment is to NOT use “Live Weather”. ATC works fine without it.


Still happening… it happens every time to me… very annoying. Don’t know why they just sent the correct QNH on the ATC transmission… I have to be guessing it to adjust to the correct altitude that ATC is expecting

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repeat repeat repeat.


Can’t set barometric after transition. It’s automatically set to Standard.


Turning live weather OFF definitely has helped.Did an IFR flight earlier and ATC seemed fine with my altitudes.I guess it’s an acceptable workaround until its fixed.

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