ATC telling me I'm at the incorrect altitude

I have the same problem After the update

ATC is not just a question of wrong height. My problem is that I can’t see or hear ATC, it may be normal sometimes. However, when it is normal, the altitude error will occur. After flying for a period of time, ATC disappears again. I can’t see or hear ATC again.

ATC doesn’t see altitude. Altimeter is set. Usually I have to fly anywhere from 100-500ft above or below assigned altitude before they see it and stop telling me to climb or descend.

Yes, been doing that. Just keep trying different areas for now.


really annoying!

A hotfix is on it’s way for this bug. Either Friday or Monday: Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix


The 300 feet bug with the atc happens with a320 en b747. I’m using the the xbox series x version. Extremely annoying.

Me too. I’m on FL 350 and all time ATC want to climb FL350. FL353 still, FL355 still, FL360 still, FL365 still, FL370 climb FL350, FL375 now on Ok. I’m playing on Xbox. QNH 29.92. Hotfix instaled.

Still got the problem of ATC saying incorrect altitude on FBW A32NX even with this new hotfix :slightly_frowning_face:

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Same problem here, latest hotfix installed. Highly disappointing!


I’ve modded my response button and just told her to Fu@@off !!! All good now :slight_smile:

Problem still here unfortunattely

ATC is always saying that even when im in the correct altitude.
How to fix it?

Known bug and they hope to have it fixed in a few weeks.


Yeah its meant to be fixed in WU6 24th Aug…Between now and then fly with Pre-set weather

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same here. Reporting appeox 750-800 ft difference

Same issue even today (08/07/21) … One way I’ve found to stop it is to adjust the pressure setting accordingly so the ATC stops the request. In my current flight I needed (after many many adjustments) to settle on 29.04/984 to stop the requests. To me this means it is a “live weather” related issue. Another annoying bug in need of another fix on the latest patch of “fixes” for other bugs :roll_eyes: almost 1 full year after release. At least the recent temperature issues seems to be corrected (today’s flight from Istanbul to Gibralter)

Edit: some 25 minutes later and now the pressure setting has had to be changed back upwards 29.31/994 so it seem as though I am following the pressure(s) st the surface… just to “maintain “ my altitude as far as ATC thinks and instructs. Very annoying indeed!!:angry:

Oh and BTW; loose the ATC “good day” until this is all fixed!

So now I can show proof that ATC knows my actual altitude as it reports it to other a/c near by… (I made no adjustments during these ATC interactions)

What is really going on here? ATC reports my actual alt to others but insists on telling me I’m at a different alt and climb/descend to adjust….why??

Edit #4: I might be on to something… things seem to stabilize when over the ocean, then I pass over land ATC seems to wants me to climb, then descend after I am over the ocean again. So now it seems to be height from land elevation driven not altitude…??:man_shrugging:t3:

Edit #5. Just for the record (in case anyone of consequence is watching) ATC should NEVER instruct an aircraft to descend below FL180 without also providing the correct pressure setting. Time after time I have been told to descend below FL180 (and then lower) without any mention of the pressure I should be set to. This information should not be first delivered from the arrival tower as it does with MSFS. Yet another unrealistic issue in need of attention.:confounded:


Altitude issue is def still there. In-sim I am at FL380, on VATSIM I show as FL393.

Please tell me how this is solved? Solved would indicate the system functions as designed, this ATC error using the automatic live weather is not functioning as intended.

I’m getting the same issue even after the 2nd hot fix.

Interesting I use an add-on from ambitiouspilots that give you stats and it reports that I am currently at 10,265.

The altimeter on the tape shows 10,000.

I also use Little Nav Map to follow my flight and it shows my altitude as 9,985 currently.

Looks like two different points of truth are operating in the sim.

I turned off ATC, tired of listening to them on a long flight