ATC totally out of control since the world update IV

It seems that ATC (especially VFR) is out of control now :

  • No audible answer when asking for taxi (need to switch to COM2 and come back to COM1 to acknowledge)
  • Sometimes the ATC leave you in the middle of nowhere and there is no options to contact anything
  • A lot of dialog that cannot be continued because of the unability to acknowledge)

I’d call that a regular day at some towered airports.

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Since world update IV??

Lol, I’ve been getting those same issues since launch last year… It’s nothing new to me.

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Yes it is.
In the meantime, ATC wasn’t all that bad. They spoke English, even if another language was set as the system language in the flight simulator. The altitudes were not treated so petty. For example: if you have requested a higher altitude and have already climbed above the current altitude, you do not need to drop back to the previous one. And ATC got you from your cruise altitude in time for landing.
But since the last update no longer bearable.


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This sounds like network load issue.

Hahaha Flying yesterday with AI-traffic on hearing interesting callsigns like “PAUSE_SIM 361”. How does the AI come up with these strange callsigns? And when coming in on approach to Geneva LSGG I wondered why there was a crowd of AI flying around next to the ILS Glideslope. Well, every flight trying to land was instructed to go around including me, but could not find anything obstructing the runway. Crazy!


I have some WEIRD characters in callsigns. Sometimes they aren’t pronounced and it just skips audio for that line. Sometimes it’s weird callsigns like “,869” so it says “comma 869”. Sometimes it will have a Chinese character in there and then it gets all confused. This is since WU4.

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The problem I’ve been having over the last few days is on arrival. Centre hands me off to Approach who then returns me straight back to Centre, back to Approach and so on. When this starts happening I just disconnect ATC and fly the plate as published however not getting approach or landing clearance is a bit immersion breaking.

I’m with you… I just finished a flight where the METAR shows the wind direction coming from heading 120. So with my initial flight plan of landing at RWY 27 I would be landing in a tailwind. So I changed my flight plan in the MCDU, set my runway to 09 instead so I can get a headwind.

Then I asked ATC for clearance with the new flight plan, they confirmed it, and I continue my descent. When I get close, the ATC assigns me runway 27 again. And when I responded with stand by and wanted to choose a different runway, it won’t let me. I can only choose a different approach.

So I request an RNAV 09 approach, they cleared me for that approach but circle to land 27. I mean, come on, I’m already on a headwind approach and they tell me to circle and land in a tailwind?

Eventually, I said screw it, I continue my approach, did a soft landing of -104 fpm into a headwind. But I got ATC telling me I’m not cleared to land. Unbelievable.

It’s just incosistent sometimes. Sometimes I can select a different runway and different approach together which is awesome. But most times, I’m only able to change approach, but I can’t change my runway forcing me to Circle to Land on the wrong runway.

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And what else happens: the frequencies are no longer automatically changed after a certain point on the approach. But until you notice that you have already landed with the saying “You had no land permit”

Even with AI Copilot radio control?

And what I found: You can’t get an IFR clearance again during the flight - because then ATC gets completely confused.


yes - with Copilot at Radio

Is anyone else also getting the constant Generic everything callsigns. Literally every aircraft is Generic no matter if it’s an A320, Cessna, 747, etc…

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It has been reported here. Please vote on that topic instead of splitting them into a separate one.