ATC, VFR, etc. windows don't remember their last position after latest patch

Just a minor issue here but I noticed that after the latest patch, any window you open (VFR, ATC, camera, etc.) goes right to the middle of the screen. You can still move them while in-flight and they will remember their position, but only for the remainder of the flight. Once you start a new flight they will default to the center again.

It wasn’t like that before. Minor annoyance but please fix it.

Same problem here, just upvoted.

I don’t agree that it’s a minor issue, tho. It’s pretty time-consuming and irksome to have to put all the toolbar windows back in place for every single new flight. :grin:

Same problem here. I’m on a 1440p Ultrawide and it always moves the ATC window back to the top left middle (I assume top left if I was on a regular widescreen). I normally keep it stuffed up in the upper right corner.

It’s not a minor annoyance. It is idiotic.

Who in their right mind would place a window directly in front of the pilot, thus blocking his view?

Absolutely crazy.


I just noticed recently that you don’t have to end a flight and start a new one to lose your menu tools configuration locations, just pressing esc button to go to change settings etc will do the job, bingo here we go from scratch again.

This issue sadly continues with the latest build, so annoying.


Sim Update 2 didn’t solve this issue, either; the problem persists.

Correct. I tried after the patch and the issue is still present.

25 votes don’t attract their attention.

I’m a member of avsim and I can also post this on the Steam forums so people can come here and vote. I suppose that with the other multitude of issues, most people don’t really notice this one as it’s relatively minor.

I just don’t figure how Asobo can so suddenly break something minor or major, which has been working perfectly since day one.

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This is my first post here, apologies if I’ve made an error posting here.

I have an issue whereby my undocked windows (on several monitors) positioning is not remembered when I start a new flight. Specifically the VFR map right now.

Also another refresh issue.
Open navllog on separate window/monitor.
Go to general → Options → Accessibility → Minimum Text Size - Make it large.
Apply the settings

What happens/Bug…

Text goes tiny in the navlog window


Expand the window a tiny amount.