[ATSimulations] Antonov An-2. Work in progress!



Fix the P.149 first!!!


I am not part of the company, I am just informing you :slight_smile:


Can’t open the link without FB account. :expressionless:

…and @phobos8287 is right. I’m not gonna throw any more money in the direction of AT-Simulations until they start to communicate with their customers again. And posting pictures with a few words doesn’t help. I’ve lost faith in this company. Take JustFlight as an example. At first they’re fixing all the bugs of their released product and than they gonna release a new one. They answer to every ticket, message and email. They even have a guy here on this forum that answers questions within reasonable time.
AT-Simulations: You have a long way to go. The way it is now I cannot recommend your products to anyone until you got better.


Yeah, I don’t want to hear about the An-2. I want the volume mess on the P.149 handled first. Then we can talk An-2.


Yes please!

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The bulbous cockpit should be fun in VR

I want that An-2 really bad… but I must agree that they should fix P.149 completely first. I hope it will happen before the An-2 release.


Any news? Is the project dead?

No updates since June, if it’s not dead it’s certainly resting.

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The expected release is “before the end of 2021”. But anything can happen given the constant changes in the core sim.

As already said above … first the DEV should take care of the P.149.
And first, and only then, bring new stuff to the market.

Before that there is at least no purchase from my side, even if I adore the AN2, see my profile picture.

But I have my principles…i can wait, and hope a other DEV makes the AN2.

I wrote to DEV again today.

Actually i think, he does a good job, the good gentleman only seems to be lacking in the finishing touches.


I do not know how I feel about ATSimulations making the An-2 for Asobo. It looks awesome, but P.149 has not seen any update since the release.


That’s not necessarily true. It did have one… but after a long time and THAT was a long time ago. It does work well but… has some annoying ■■■■ about it… Some issues that should have really been fixed. I think it still rains inside and the volume is still messed up on other aircraft unless they have a volume knob which needs to be turned up.


Any news on that one? Latest news was like a half year ago.

I suppose it’s kind of like the updates for the aircraft. :wink:


The Piaggio would be so good if only the last things were repaired.
It flies really well, and has also enough power. It also has so many ingenious extras, such as the sliding light, the opening roof, the absolutely great sound, the cockpit panel looks gorgeous too, textures are above average as well, the different paint finishes e.c.t. It is also one of the few planes where you can see the rear passengers, for Screenshots just amazing.

Radio needs urgent repair. Apart from the fact that it adjusts the radios on all other aircraft (as long as they are adjustable), I can no longer hear myself and only the ATC.

Like Jeremy said, it still rains in the cockpit even with the roof closed.

If both of these issues were fixed it would honestly be one of my top 3. And it can’t be that difficult to fix, other DEVs can do it too. That’s why it annoys me all the more. I really love the Piaggio.

I just can’t understand it. If that were my project, I couldn’t sleep well until I know that customers get what they deserve. So you can mess with your customers if you just ignore them.

I’m just going to write that again in great detail because I really don’t want to bash AT Simulations, but hope that he reads this and brings it to an end. That would only do his reputation good.

So now I’m out of the thread :wink:


Maybe the new connection of AT and Asobo means they get the Focke Wulff up to speed and put it in the Marketplace as well later on, after the AN-2 is released.
As imo it’s the best of such an aircraft class in MSFS, that would be great.
I have never flown it in the rain, can’t comment on a leaking canopy :rofl:

The cockpit of the AN-2 looked awesome in the Twitch stream !
I like very much that they work directly with Asobo on this for the release !


Yes quite signifficant news.


Nice, thanks a lot. It starts at 1:08:00, might come out this year and will be 15$ like the ju-52 and might be part of a world update

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