ATSimulations MC-15 Cri Cri released (prop/jet & float)

I was part of the pre launch testing for the 3 included variants, very fun little aircraft and andrey is a cool guy - all feedback i provided was acted on in a matter of days.

*note my pictures below are from a test version, the release aircraft may differ i am unsure until i update my files :+1: permission was given to share media & i am in no way associated with the team.


This is pretty cool! I remember the Cri-Cri for it’s famous flight through a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy. I had a picture of that in my Janes Encyclopedia Of Aviation, but I can’t find it online :frowning:

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Man, that is something i would love to see!

Good Morning.

There are a few problems with the Cri-Cri.

  1. The models with the propellers and floats glitch through the hangar.
  2. The model with the turbines has a problem that only one turbine, the left one, is really running, the other one doesn’t work for me. Edit: Funny, wait a little, now it is running, strange.
  3. The camera views are totally illogical, they urgently need to be improved.
  4. The model with the jet engine could have problems with the throttle, it doesn’t seem to be very linear, difficult to explain, but when i give 50% throttle the plane crashes.

Now on the positives, the model just looks great, I hope the developers look at the issues and fix them, then it’s a clear recommendation from me.

Have a nice day and best regards.

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I don’t know what they were thinking with this audio for the piston version… I’m having a lot of fun flying the jet variant, but can’t fly more then a minute or two in the piston version without my ears bleeding.


Agreed, i provided this feedback when testing as i had to decrease the audio while flying the piston variant. Hopefully this will be taken care of in an update

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This planes (flightmodel) is also quite unstable, a smooth roll isn’t even possible without crashing.

For example try this:
There are many more example video’s of this plane rolling pretty smoothly without falling from the sky.

The piston audio needs improvement.

It’s a fun and nice looking plane but it needs some work on the sound and flightmodel.

Put a comment on the devs facebook page, theyre active

:rofl: that was on tv last night, watched it. Perfect analogy

Not to detract from the dev or plane, i do plan to pick this up. Looks fun, which is in high demand lately

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Yes, just to be clear I am really enjoying the aircraft despite it’s issues… but have been flying the jet variant due to the sound problems with the piston version.

The 3d model is great and the included liveries are well done. There are some minor quirks with the flight model but I found it to be a pretty enjoyable experience overall, it was especially fun flying just a few feet off the ground or over water. No major complaints aside from the audio, it’s a great package for the price and hope it’s not long before the audio gets reworked.

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Definitely a lot of issues with this addon, but Andrey is indeed very receptive and open to feedback, I sent him a list of issues I encountered and I have faith they’ll be addressed.

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it have grass growing thru cri cri when you landing/takeoff from field, other problems not actually for me, but thank you for mention all of them, and may be we have some problem with cm/cg i don’t sure but engines can not be so heavy, cri cri weight 180lb and changing fuel 6lb and pilot 170>100 change gravity center dramatically forward like all the mass it’s pilot and engine and 6lb fuel, how it’s can even change something with 180+100lb… ah there must be 60lb fuel :slight_smile:

Bought this today… I am a little disappointed.


Both the propeller and the floats version clip through ground in hangar. This means starting cold and dark on a ramp, they are half-buried in the ground and it generates instant crash.

Jet version: Very hard to control on the ground - rudder seems to have a delayed reaction and you really need to work it to get it to turn. Once airborne, the aircraft is pretty unstable. I don’t know how it flies in real life, but… it’s all over the place here.

Main thing: Documentation includes no startup procedure (or any procedure) and no performance numbers. I don’t know what my Vr or Vapp are!

I also can’t start it cold and dark. All I seem to find are a battery switch and ignition switches (which are in the ON position on cold and dark?) But the ignition switches don’t do anything. The only way to start it is to press Ctrl-E, which is no solution at all. If I can’t start this cold and dark, it’s a huge problem. It would really help if any of this was documented.

The aircraft looks pretty.

That’s all I got. Sorry, guys, but some more testing and polishing should have gone into this.


What an awesome depiction of this bird. Fighting hard not to buy it right now. Hoping Orbx or MS store carries it. thanks for posting.

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Well don’t buy from the in game store. Like the Carendo birds if an update is needed you will wait weeks for it. The EZ-long was updated a week maybe 2 weeks ago. The store version…nothing. scenery is the same.


Yeah, you are correct. Been waiting for a month to get a patch on the Long-EZ.

I pulled the trigger on the Cri Cri. Excellent model, but the sounds are horrid. What is it with these guys thinking they can sell something like this? It sounds like they used a dirt bike motor for the sound. SMH!

Anyway, I’m fixing the sounds right now. May take me a while, but I’ll get it done. I’ll post the replacement sounds here when I get them finished.

The only thing left then would be for someone to tweak the physics a bit. They’re a little off IMO. I’m not too well versed in fooling with that.


cri cri use dirt bike motor actually… two of them

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I want to tell you about my experience with the ATSimulations CriCri

I bought is yesterday, with the “hope” that it is a good simulation of this little bird. I was very exited about the turbine-model with the little jet engines.

Just to clarify, I´m also a real world pilot, and I well know how a plane flys, react and should react.

The ATSimulation Cri Cri is looks very very good! every single Detail is modeled and looks awesome!
BUT - The flightmodel and behavior is not even close to a plane like this. The Turbiune-Version in RL have a Thrust of ~40kg with a MTOW of ~200kg. But the AT-Sim Cri Cri is like a rocket, takeoff in 2 secounds and unreal acceleration. The Stroke-engine-model has less thrust, but it flys also very very unreal! On their webside they said that it has “real sound”… but To my opinion, the sound is a joke!

I am very dissappointed from this Product! It looks good, but that is all, sadly!

It´s all my mind, but compared with some real life flight experience!

try it, if you want, but it need some major change in the cfg´s


Yes I bought it too after posting this :frowning:

The problem is AT simulations are very very good, have a very good reputation as well. I think there is something else that is influencing this unrealistic behaviour, but I shall keep it for myself!

Thank you so much for your Contributions to the community. And yes you are right, the sounds are horrid lol