[August 24, 2023] Expert Series I: ATR 42-600 / 72-600 Update 1.0.31

Hello everyone,

We have just released an update for the ATR 42-600 / 72-600. It is available to download from Content Manager now. Please see the release notes below.


  • Added ATR 72-600 Air New Zealand ZK-MZE livery
  • Added below 1000ft RA condition to LO BANK logic
  • Fixed bank angle not set on engaging ROLL HOLD mode
  • Reworked STBY button logic
  • Added condition that active vertical mode must be ALT or VNAV PATH to activate V-FP
  • Fixed PFD managed speed indicator not showing upcoming speed constraint
  • Fixed pitch trim not disengaging AP
  • Fixed AP toggle keyboard/button command doesn’t activate yaw damper
  • Split EFB Options into two pages
  • Added MDA/DH switch sync (incl. EFB option)
  • Added Course Pointer sync (incl. EFB option)
  • Fixes to IF and CF leg drawing
  • Implemented separate NAV1/2 course pointers for CPT and FO side
  • Fixed V/ILS 2 nav source selector does not arm autopilot to follow VOR 2
  • Fixed Autopilot Coupling does not switch AP control over to the FO
  • Fixed an issue with connecting legs after auto-removing disco before STAR
  • Added Place/Bearing/Distance custom waypoints to FPLN page
  • Added manual route discontinuity to FPLN page
  • Added Latitude/Longitude custom waypoints to FPLN page
  • Added Latitude Crossing custom waypoints to FPLN page
  • Added Longitude Crossing custom waypoints to FPLN page
  • Fixed flight plan preview overdrawing right column on ROUTE SEL page
  • Fixed Lat/Lon coordinate output function going up to 60 minutes
  • Fixed Bleed/Pack logic
  • Fixed Airframe Airbleed fault linked to bleed air
  • Fixed max cruise speed calculation
  • Fixed SimBrief ID not visible on opening Log In window
  • Fixed keyboard commands changing selected altitude by 200ft instead of 100ft
  • Updated Simbrief import to include airways
  • Changed EFB active button color for better visibility
  • Fixed flap indicator on 42-600 highline doesn’t match flap position
  • Fixed landing elevation indicator not indicating anything
  • Added door handle/knob highlighting
  • Fixed fuel crossfeed direction inverted
  • Added AoA probe animation

Awesome! Thank you!

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Freighter version??? :sob::sob::sob:


Great job hans, thanks for the continued support of this gem!

Now on to the CRJ pleeease :grin::+1:t4:


Anyone know if the climb rate and cruise speed have been fixed on this? I have not been able to get the aircraft over 200 KIAS above FL180 in the CRZ power selection.

EDIT: Still doesnt seem to be fixed, lackluster climb and cruise speed using the CLB and CRZ detents. The issue with the checklist spilling off the display still an issue as well. Really a shame, its such an nicely modelled aircraft and has so much potential, but its just plagued by so many QOL bugs…

Are you comparing your performance to a published performance chart?

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I was just flying the 42 this AM at well in excess of 200 IAS at 20000’.

I have been doing a significant amount of my flying in the 42 lately and haven’t had any issue like this at all.

Is that a 72 issue? (I’ve not flown the 72)

Yes, this is in the 72-600

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Haven’t flown it in a while. But from what I remember, the 42 could do even 210 in crz at that altitude given it’s not too heavily loaded. The 72 on the other hand struggled to go past 200.

But it didn’t bother me much as if i saw the TAS is near or around 250kts, it seemed ok from what I understand from my limited research about these birds.


I am - per the perf data, would be expecting to see close to 1000fpm at 210kts to FL240, and around 275kts at cruise FL240. Not getting anywhere near those numbers in the 72-600 lightly loaded, more like 400fpm in climb at 210kts, and hovering around 210 max TAS during cruise at altitude, while in the appropriate power detent.

Are you sure that’s not mentioned in TAS?

I am not claiming to be an expert but the number seems too high from my limited research. The climb rate may be a bit less than expected, but it climbs at 170kts usually, not 210 kts.


I get cruise speeds in the 270s TAS but never IAS.

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If you are getting your data from this page (matches your numbers)

Then note the crz speed is in TAS, not IAS.

Edit: ok, I see this is probably not the -600 version. But I don’t expect the number to be that different.

Edit2: Another link discussing atr72-200 climb performance

“Fixed V/ILS 2 nav source selector does not arm autopilot to follow VOR 2”

I thought I was going crazy. Thank you


Thank you for update. Great aircraft. My favourite.


Is there anything known that installed liveries could cause problems with the new update. My sim just crashed with full force with a Canada livery. It was some kind of graphical error that was displayed. Unfortunately I was too confused to write it down exactly… :frowning:

What about the issues with the prop brake?

Good shout that

Is someone able to confirm if the VNAV descent path is now working?

Which issue?