AUGUST 27TH, 2020 Development Update

Amen, preach it!

Thank you for your report!

Me too, I’m so sad…

I just think it would be nice to be able to …you know. Fly in the aircrafts available ? I just bought the Prem deluxe having spent some time on Standard on XGP but the 787 wont even fly properly without just falling out the sky with dodgy computer and electrics flickering the lights on and off. This is completely ignoring ive had to start again coming to the steam version since the files are different so you cant transfer your profile or settings over. Why put these planes in the games when they dont work properly? I dont mind if we just stuck to cubs or something but this just seems like a c®ash grab to me. Add broken content to make it seem like a releasable game and then worry about patching it later.

This “Patch” is really just a hotfix and at this rate we wont see a working sim with the content thats in here now until 2021. The Beta should have lasted a lot longer and this by all means should have been labelled as early access on steam.


At least an open beta

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lol so glad my expectations where not even high. i knew it there into selling

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I think it makes sense that they fix the most important things first.

  • installation issues are probably the most important

  • SimConnect is extremely important for all the 3rd party tools

So in my opinion their priorities make absolutely sense. While the live weather might be cool and nice to be fixed it’s nothing game breaking like the other two. And we don’t know on who’s end the live weather issues are happening … It could also be the API of the service they’re using.


Funny thing by now is why fix install issues when everyone Has it installed and paid there dues…

Maybe fix the actual broken stuff that was suppose to make it a simulator and not a shiny new Xbox game!

Food for thought!

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Please prioritize the Live weather bug preventing the correct implementation of winds.
It really should be at the top of the list, second only to installation and major performance issues.
The sim’s marketing focused very heavily on the accuracy of its weather systems, and it is completely unacceptable that we’re getting 3 knots of wind in all live weather conditions.


somehow I doubt it, because the winds are actually showing correctly on the World Map. So the correct wind modelling is apparently available. Why that doesn’t translate during actual gameplay is the mystery.

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I respectfully disagree. I think the biggest issue the developers’ seem to have right now is lack of transparency. People are willing to wait for bugs to be fixed. What is most aggravating is a lack of acknowledgement from the developers of the major bugs or missing features that are being reported again and again. Many of the features and systems lacking should have been available on release, and so the very least Asobo could do is make users aware that these systems will be added or fixed in future. The game is technically no longer in alpha or beta. People haven’t a clue in regards to what is now a permanent feature in the software, and what is still a work in progress.


When are they launching the DLC with the Alt Sel knob on the Baron? :smiley:


Please consider showing these development updates ingame in the News section/Welcome Tab!
This would be the ideal place for that update and could fill this tab with life!

THX :blue_heart:


Good to see they made the correct priorities. Simconnect was my biggest setback. Thanks for fixing this so quickly Microsoft! Even without simconnect I allready had a lot of joy from this sim and now with being able to use all my hardware it will only be more.


Visibility 3

Yes …but i’d wait to see if it is fixed before saying this?

Well thats not all bad if dx12 is the prize. That being said, theres much work to do before that.

Well, I guess as long as a bug isn’t on the known issues list we should continue reporting it. If everyone one did that they’d eventually get the hint and put it there I suppose.

As some of you have stated I’m not disappointed with this patch either, but I am a bit disappointed about the lack of communication about known issues. I was expecting them to be a lot more transparent about these things, especially after all the talking about the importance of involving the community.


If you can do it so well then you can apply here. :blush:

It’s not installer to start off, secondly there was more then just “installer” if you read correctly.