Austria Landmarks

I just started to convert my xplane custom buildings to msfs. And want to share it with you.

Start at LOIH with HDG 354 and you will find both.


KH Dornbirn


Next Part of the Austrian series is the Messepark in Dornbirn.


Hello there Mike I’m also working on austrian landmarks and airports if you wanna join forces send me a msg

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Oooh, thank you! I was about to put the antenna in LOIH as im working (very slowly) an a improved LOIH airport and that antenna is a VERY important reference point for arrivals and departures.
Im flying IRL in LOIH aswell. :slight_smile:

@AnelToro0089 @mikeaat9612 are you guys interested in modelling LOIH?
Im at it but i just started to learn 3d modelling and im not able to make progress very fast…
If you have any interest, let me know :slight_smile:

i started yesterday with LOIH, finished 2 Hangars allready :smiley:


■■■■… so i can give up this project already and can focus to modell easyer things like landmarks and stuff till im more experienced in 3d modelling / texturing… LOL

If you need any pictures or acess to LOIH, just let me know… :wink:
Are you living near there?

yes, the departing planes are just flying next to my house :slight_smile:

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That is my basic rework of LOIH… Just to get familiar with the SDK… I just used buildings and assets from the libary, no custom buildings… :slight_smile:


Nice, my main goal is to make custom buildings. (the generated defaults are too bad :smiley: )
Dont know if i will do the taxi lines and stuff like that, maybe, we will see :slight_smile:

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do you publish your stuff in the forum or somewhere else? :slight_smile:

edit: just found your Discord :wink:

Didn’t expect to find the Ländle represented in here. I’d love to have a more detailed LOIH!


allready working on it :wink:

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Why don’t u 2 join forces one makes the buildings the other one the texiways and stuff.

Im currently working on LOAD and have some other projects in mind as well. :slight_smile:

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My LOIH progress so far:


LOIH update: the tower is almost ready 4 texturing.


OMG, awesome work! Cant wait for that. Thanks for your effort :slight_smile:

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I will upload a pre release version after i finished the tower. Every improvement is worth a release :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I wasent able to work on my scenery for a while now, but started today again, I just changed the aereal imagery and worked on some other parts of the project as well.

Im thinking about investing in a drone and visit a lot of airports and landmarks to photoscan them.

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