Auto pilot Dosent work

As soon as i take off aircraft just turns left, and crashes. Flight planning everything is ok. Advise

There is absolutely nothing to go on in your post so how can we advise?

AP, on the whole, works fine.

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  1. I fly default a320
  2. As soon I take off i switch auto pilot on. Flight plan ia pre feed.
  3. Soon after it just takes left turn and begins to descend.
  4. In few mins it just crashes.
  5. May be some time it works, but when it reaches any way point, agains goes on turning , descends and dives and crahses.
  6. It does not follow flight plan not altitude. Within 4 to 5 minutes it crashes.

how to use 320 auto pilot - Bing

Okay, the first thing you need to be aware is that. Autopilot doesn’t fly it for you as soon as you take off. You need to do a bit of preparation beforehand. There’s a certain procedure that you need to follow for the aircraft to properly fly the way you want it to.

That being said, you need to check a few things for you to be able to fly the A320 properly:

  1. Make sure your Flight Model in your General Settings is set to Modern, and not Legacy.
  2. Make sure all your assists settings are set to Hard/True to Life. These assists are designed for small prop aircrafts to help you learn to fly. Once you’re in the A320, assists are just going to fight against the complex autopilot. Turn them off.
  3. AI Copilot control also need to be turned off, or it’ll also be fighting with the A320.
  4. Make sure you have deadzones set to all your primary flight controls. You need at least 5-10% deadzones for all your X, Y, and Z axis.

do you have deadzone set up? if you have it on 0 raise is up to around 10

My autopilot works normaly and suddenly it starts making circles.
It’s very annoying


Need more information. Can you send pictures of the glareshield, PFD and Legs page of the FMC?

As soon as aircraft takes off it banks left. My all assists are off. Flight plan is in the system and as soon I take off it just banks left. Then loops and crashes.

Also as said in this post if flight is following a path after some minutes or hours it just goes off course, and goes into turning loops. However one may try autopilot just does not work. I have played on almost all previous FS, but with this one i am facing this issue.

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I can’t read anything in this picture, sorry. Can you provide closeups of the PFD, glareshield and Legs page?

Several people have reported a similar problem and it usually turns out to be a hardware issue. But I do want to check what the aircraft is reporting just in case.

I have never had a situation like this happen and I’ve done a lot of flights with the A320nx mod where I don’t pay attention to it for long periods.

You also might want to check out this thread and several others like it:

Press Windows Key + Print Screen to take a screenshot of your screen. Don’t take a photo of your monitor with your phone please. We can’t make out anything from that picture.

A video would be nice actually.

You can also see how I do my flights here:

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Have you flown any airbus before?
my advise is to learn a bit about airbus and use the A32NX mod
no offense, just trying to help

I have taken closeups now. If still want shall take screen grab or make video.![PXL_20210322_153256829|690x396](upload://zHWSTfm0qmdRI4zUXB4XNb95tUC.jpeg)

Pics not getting upload. Says not allowed big pics. Where can I upload ??

The limit is pretty large. I’ve been able to upload pictures here. I don’t know why you’re having a problem

Says maximum dimensions 10mega pixel.

As @Neo4316 already asked, flight model is set to MODERN?

You have any messanger where i can send directly ? May be whats app … ?

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Yes modern