Auto pilot issues 747/787, anyone having issues on ver

Thanks I wil try

A lack of deadzones would have caused your above mentioned problems already prior to SU 5.

Auto pilot is NOT affected by dead zones, and the AP-ATC implementation is the problem. I can fly the thing by hand just fine. Do I want to do that for a 5 hour flight?

At least on the A320 and the 787 the AP can definitely cause this problem.

AP-ATC? Where would there be any connection?

Depends on the specific problems… It could be different types of problems. But just based solely on the behaviour of the aircraft drifting away from the flight path, is usually a symptom of lack of enough dead zone to the primary flight control axis.

The issue is simple, with 0% dead zone, the sim receives every single input from the hardware controls as valid inputs. And since no hardware is perfectly calibrated and stable, these “micro inputs” that can come from vibrations on the floor when you’re walking to get a glass of water that travels to the joystick and vibrates it are going to be read as valid inputs to the sim. And it’s these valid inputs “overrides” what the AP is doing. Now, you may be thinking, then it’s not the dead zone problem. It’s the AP problem from receiving them as valid inputs. The AP should be ignoring them. Well, maybe you’re right. But that’s not going to help you have a comfortable flight now, right?

How can you be absolutely sure beyond reasonable doubt that your joystick or yoke is perfectly stationary and not move even by a single atom to feed the sim with an input? So by adding dead zones, you’re setting the sim to “ignore” these micro inputs coming from the controls so that it doesn’t override the AP.


Exactly. e.g. Boeing 787 Autopilot Not Tracking - #35 by killerclown71

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I’ve flown around 15 hours in the 787 since the last update. No issues whatsoever. One of the flights was 8+ hours. The only time I had issues with the 787 was the fuel pump bug. That was several months and hundreds of hours flown ago though.

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Yep. I test my stick before every flight to make sure I’m not getting any inputs I don’t want. Great post. I don’t find the 78X to be too sensitive, but if you move the stick just enough, AP is done.

For me, the 787 nor the 747 loses track. Although I try to setup FMC/AP system perfect, something it seems is still not working. And the routing (STAR), in MSFS is not like the STAR I download and try to follow, since I am using the latest ones I can find, something is amiss. Regardless, all that is a mute point if at 10 miles, ATC say please immediately ascend to 18,000 and prepare for landing, yeah right, sure thing.

Yes, tried to put line spaces in the post, guess I am too wordy.

Post a departure/destination you’ve had troubles with. I’d like to try it. The 78X is the plane I’ve spent the most with, so if it’s off, I’d likely notice. I’ll create my own plan in Navigraph, but it should be relatively close to what you’re using. I’m curious. Aside from the fighters(F-14 and 15), I’ve found that the 78X works the best for me. Quite consistent.

KATL - Ramp, for cold and dark startup. to KBNA or KMEM, I try to use STAR closest to my heading toward that field, then the closest ILS runway for that STAR. I use ATC, and that is part of problem. When game first came out, the navigation/ATC instructions took you past AP. It’s I think been fixed, so KBNA, now I think works. I have been concentrating on the F-14, because needed break from frustrations. Once I get that one down and learn navigation in it, will again fly that route to see how it works. Please message me on your results. I get approach plates from Sky Vector, use the STAR as mentioned, I create the Flight Plan in world map, as that puts some of data into FMC, and not good on it yet. Should note: FSX does not implement FMC systems. I have not owned XP long enough to know if it does or not. I am going to assume, that data entry into any FMC is similiar. Also note: The AP-FMC in 747 is identical to 787, so if you know one, you know the other. Regardless, the input process should be the same. Some buttons in MSFS FCM’s do not work, not programed to work.

I did use 747 for that Plan. I do not like the way the 787 performs, and think FBW may be the reason, plus it appears that Asobo’s implementation of the dynamics of 787/747 is incorrect, so it does not fly the same as XP-11 or even FSX. To their credit, they did implement (I think) more real-world processes into those planes, as you must have the correct data in the FMC for it to perform correctly, I THINK. So, I am trying to learn how that works and how to program necessary information so plane actually performs like it should. I am still working on those things.

Someone mentioned in a thread, the “type of coding or structures used” by asobo is not the same as XP or FSX (FSX I get it is almost 20 years old), regardless that “code” makes it difficult for me.

FWIW-Last evening flew 737 in XP after only 2 days on PC. Took off from KMGE flew around, put in ILS into Nav, lined up on RW-Glide Slope, and landed just like a pro, and like the thousands of times I have done so in all my years in sims. MSFS is the only sim, I have difficulty in, don’t believe I have lost touch. Did C-17 flight from Kabul, Afghanistan to Jackson, MS via many AP’s in western pacific, Guam, PMDG, HI, Travis, CA, Nellis AFB, NV, Yuma, AZ TX, and home. Not one time did I have navigation issue in FSX. Downloaded new scenery for PMDG, and now there is a B-52 in middle of taxi way, which I ran into not realizing it’s real enough to cause crash. Thank you for reaffirming my suspicions this is not right.

KATL to KMEM on deck…I live near KAUS, but KMEM is my home. I know the airport well. 787X on auto pilot. Got it. I usually turn off the AP just before touchdown. I prefer to control things at that point. Be back soon…


Wonderful Picture, how do I take screenshots? As aside, within 200 miles of KBNA. KATL is closest intl airport from me, used to live in ATL.

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This is really a simple fix – increase your deadzones on ALL in your setup and problem will be solved, 9 times out of 10.

I took that with my iphone. Any screenshot I take on my PC is nothing close to what I’m actually seeing. Was told it has something to do with me playing in HDR, but I also have a 49" UW panel. My resolution settings aren’t “normal.”

Taxiing from 36C to the gate. I use this runway daily for test flights. Easy trip. I used AP from shortly after takeoff until just before touchdown. Routine flight.

I’m fly 787on Xbox series s yes I’m not on flight path line but it’s still following the flight line

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That’s exactly the reason. If you hand fly the 787 it handles like the MSFS A320 because Asobo turned the previously nice handling Boeing into an Airbus with SU3. :worried: