Boeing 787 Autopilot Not Tracking

Yes, I am having exactly the same problem. It just started with Update 5 and the fix a day or two later. The aircraft gets to the intended destination, but it flies several miles parallel to the GPS red line. If I take it off autopilot and put it on the red line, as soon as I put it back on autopilot, it will turn and go onto the path it was on before, several miles off the GPS red line. It’s disconcerting because it confuses me as to what it’s doing even though it ends up at the right place. It does this with all aircraft.

I think he’s using simbrief?

Mine does that Lnav engaged and the 787 rolls away from flight plan .

I load my route from the mfs2020 start up screen and when I engage the autopilot and Lnav it rolls away and I have to try to correct it ,have to have AI to fly it .

I have exactly the same issue with the TBM-930 and the King Air. I never had problems at all until update 5, and the issue still exists after update 6. Once the autopilot is set up and engaged, the aircraft flies in the general direction accurately, but several miles parallel to the magenta NAV line on the screen. I do not have problems with aircraft that have the Garmin G-1000. I have the basic version of MSFS 2020, so I do not have a Boeing 787.

Hmmm… I just completed a flight on the 787 and it works well for me. Seems that the 787 autopilot is fairly buggy for some though. Wish I could help more!

I’ve had the same problem with the 787. Tried a flight plan from Simbrief and it was the same as FP from the sim. Had to use AI to get it back on course. Also it missed the runway when landing by a lot. Strange, it appears there is several bugs in this autopilot.

Had exactly the same issue. As soon as I engaged the Autopilot, the plane took a steep dive to the right. Had to manually get it back by using AI. But it never followed the flight plan and missed the approach by a lot. Hope they fix these bugs, I like flying the 787


To Iantzw1974: My Fight Model has only two options, “Modern” and “Legacy”. Mine has been on Modern the entire time and my G-3000 still does not track properly.

My 787 after take off engage AP and the plane turns left goes round in circles , any fixes thanks.

Suggest to increase the deadzone on your joystick axis a lot for troubleshooting, or even disconnect it.

I have the same problem major problems,mine won’t intercept lnav…lnav in white in the flight annunciation but the plane flies where it wants really annoyed .

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Can not confirm it with the lnav problem. I load it via simbriwf, also departure and arrival with rwy and stars. It is important to execute the flpn.
Even vnav is working during approach. Only thing what happend to me is that on approach the plane goes crazy and not flying not ro the next waypoint so an approch is not possible.

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Have you tested with an unplugged joystick to rule out any hardware problems?

it was the deadzone. when i set all deadzones above 15 it started working. thanks for help

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Similar problem just started for me. I experience a track offset of several miles until well past the SID route. Then it goes back on track.

Also encountered an RNAV issue yesterday: RNAV27 LVP @ KEYW. Fly to IAF, push APPR for GP and the FMS defaults to non-existent ILS (LOC and G/S appears in PFD). Emptied Community folder, Uninstaller Orbx KEYW, etc. and re-flew 5 times with same result. Flew same approach with TBM and Carenado M20; captured RNAV LPV approach & GP with no issues. I’m curious if anyone else might encounter/confirm this issue with RNAV 27 KEYW??

I was usually under the impression that APPR can’t be used for RNAV. I always use a manual glide path descent angle once I passed the specific waypoint on the charts.

Roger! With RNAV there are different types of approaches (lateral, lateral+vertical, etc.) and they will be indicated on the applicable plate/chart. LPV in particular provides vertical guidance like ILS with lateral. Pressing the APPR on an ILS approach will reflect LOC G/S (Glide Slope) in the. PFD. On a RNAV LPV approach, G/P (Glide Path) will be shown.

I’m attaching a handy little reference I came across for a visual aid. Hope it is helpful!


I had the same issue and i dont know how to fix it

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