Auto pilot issues 747/787, anyone having issues on ver

Taxiing from 36C to the gate. I use this runway daily for test flights. Easy trip. I used AP from shortly after takeoff until just before touchdown. Routine flight.

I’m fly 787on Xbox series s yes I’m not on flight path line but it’s still following the flight line

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That’s exactly the reason. If you hand fly the 787 it handles like the MSFS A320 because Asobo turned the previously nice handling Boeing into an Airbus with SU3. :worried:

Wow, hope they fix this thing. With phone, never would have guess that. Know their is a way, will try tomorrow if time. Have things going on. Life.

Well, I’m relatively new to MSFS2020, but I have completed all the training flights and two bush trips. I’ve also watched several YouTube videos on the 747 autopilot use specifically. My success rate getting on the ground is basically zero.

I’m using the stock 747 with a livery mod.

What is most frustrating is that I can’t tell if it’s my overall lack of experience and understanding or the reported bugs with AP that is killing me. I guess both? How do I tell if I’m doing it wrong if it doesn’t always work to begin with :slight_smile:

KSTL to KORD. Landing ILS runway 28C.

My first two attempts I was unable to use AP to descend to the approach. I just overflew every waypoint. After reading this forum, I attributed that to trying to use VNAV during the flight, which I guess has been broken forever. (LNAV has always been solid for me).

Third flight, I vowed to never touch the VNAV switch and then I got a CTD before I got to the approach. LOL

Fourth flight I controlled altitude with FLC and generally ignored ATC. I followed the pre-loaded flight plan created from the World Map. I actually enabled approach mode and caught the glide slope. It brought me down to 28R and missed 28C! I had the glide slope assistance turned on so it was showing me exactly where the plane should be (displaying the floating boxes that you follow), yet it sent me to the wrong runway. I missed and aborted.

Fifth flight, i started too close to the airport and couldn’t drop altitude fast enough. My dumb mistake.

Sixth flight it again brought me down on 28R. I disengaged AP and disengaged auto throttle and actually got it down somehow. All of my passengers will request a refund!

Don’t get me started on how impossible it was to taxi this plane, too. I could not turn sharp enough to stay on the taxiway. Gotta figure that out.

I was so frustrated at the end of it all. I’m going too rewatch the online videos and see if I’m missing something obvious.

As IRL, for sharp turns you need to slow down to ~5kts, in MSFS preferably even a bit slower.

I didn’t have much luck even at glacially slow speeds. I was trying rudder control to steer, then tried using individual wheel brakes (NUMPAD * and NUMPAD -) in conjunction with rudder and I couldn’t make all the turns, nor was I able to get oriented with the jetway. I parked sideways! Maybe if my passengers can’t get off, they can’t get me fired…

That’s strange. I’m never using the brakes to assist in turning.
Very sloooowly increasing rudder input only.
If you add rudder too fast, she will immediately start skidding.

I fly the default 787 and generally have no issues. Im not a rlp but do take notes from responses from PZL 104 and Neo, also I followed this video from a Boeing 787 pilot and 320 pilot (15) Learn the Heavy Division 787 with a Real 787 Pilot! Full Flight Tutorial MSFS - YouTube flying the Heavy 787 Mod…I use the video now as a constant referance point…and then just applied the principles to the default not all translate over but I am managing to successfully complete flights capture ILS using VNAV, LNAV etc

I’ve got more hours in the 787 than any other aircraft in MSFS since launch. The AP, while not perfect, is reasonably serviceable these days. With the Heavy Division mod, it’s much more detailed and immersive, but even without it, the stock 787 post-SU5 willy fly KATL-KBNA just fine. I’ve done it myself a dozen times or more, plus the reverse (I live in a suburb of Nashville and like flying over the local area).

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The autopilot definitely is affected by deadzones in MSFS. If your deadzones are set incorrectly and an input is given with the joystick centered its gonna overrule the autopilot and fly in circles. It shouldn’t be this way, in real life you can’t physically move the controls when the AP is on. MSFS therefore should ignore manual control inputs with the AP engaged. For now you need to have your deadzones set correctly.

Well, enlighten us to what the settings in the dead zones might or should be. Mine have stabalized since the “set bindings” came out I think SU/WU4 or so. Upon release they were mess. For what they are the planes (airliners) fly ok, not like FXS and XP-11.

How should @Nijntje91 know?
This depends on the individual joystick and e.g. for how many years it has been in use.
You need to increase the deadzones until this problem doesn’t appear anymore.
Or the other way round. Start at 25% and reduce the deadzone until the problem starts. :wink:


I will try that next time in sim, Virpil VFX stick with T-50 Base, rock solid in all, FSX, XP-11, and MSFS.

Just my two cents, learn the Boeing AP system on the 78X first. It’s a newer plane, and in my opinion, much easier to fly. The steps on the 747 are essentially the same. The 47 is a flying tank. I find the weight of that beast the hardest aspect of it to deal with. It works fine though.

Thanks. My 747 frustrations were primarily due to the ILS frequency coming in wrong from the World Map flight plan. Apparently a “minor” sim bug that just lands you on the wrong runway. Did the same for the A320. No big deal :slight_smile:

Now that I know to look for that bug and manually correct the navigation frequency, the flying tank does go to the right runway. Now when I crash it, it’s just my fault :laughing:

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Hahaha…It’s a big boy. You’ll get it. Happy flying!

Watch out for the fuel tank management in the MSFS 747.
All four main tanks need to contain fuel at all times, otherwise you can run into problem like being unable to start the APU.

And get used to the unrealistic ground effect. Apart from that it’s not that bad and it’s presently the only ‘conventional’ airliner for hand flying, since Asobo turned the 787 into an Airbus with SU3.

Just like my first bush trip in the XCub when I “ran out of fuel” at 50% because I had no idea there was a left and right tank switch!

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