Auto pilot issues 747/787, anyone having issues on ver

Auto pilot issues 747/787, anyone having issues on ver with autopilot not following altitude/course/ILS approaches??


Yeah, it is 50-50% with those planes, sometimes they work as intended and sometimes they don’t, I gave up and I am waiting for PMDG’s 747 and QW’s 787.


I seen it was a known issue with the Heavy Devision 787 mod, presuming yuor using those?

Not experiencing these problems lately with the any of the default airliners.


No problems with AP on any of my many flights with the stock Dreamliner.

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All - Both planes have suffered from this bug since release of game 8-13-20-date might be wrong. They are better than at release today, bug ATC can hose the whole filght with some of it’s call, course changes and Alt ascend’s. Navigation and its intergration into sim is also broken. Please remember if you engage VNAV, it taks maybe 15 seconds for it to pick up on FP. If you create FP in world map, it should transfer to FMC, however, MSFS start up checklist does not mention many things that must be done for all the systems to sync together and work. I have created a Cold and Dark Checklist, plus the things you NEED to do for 747 FMC inputs (since essentially same system in 787 should work there too). I have not quite finished testing it, since I am expermenting with X-Plane 11 and working on F-14 Navigation Cold and Dark, and trying to learn that plane too. Part of the reason 747/787 have issues, is that information needs to be input into FMC, and it is not mentioned in the Start up list, nor does the FP put the data in there.
There is no, not one, manual showing you how to do this setup, I have spent hours working on mine. and have tried to post it in the correct place here in, and it blocks my post, as in will not allow it. Contacted support they sent back info, post it here, again, that place blocks my post.
I will not, send it to anyone, because of the potential of copyright infrengment, and piriating by someone taking credit for my work. You can take the time to investigate all the numerious videos on YT and work up your own, or wait for mine. Regardless, ATC will and has screwed up my flight every single time, and I have determined to ignore those crazy calls, let them cancel my FP, and land it anyway. You may, read all my “testing things” in long winded thread “Stuff and how it works” thread. I wrote. I have two very long posts therein, and some excellent comparisions on XP and MSFS vs FSX, and how each interacts with Honeycomb/VIrpil devices. It my help you or at least open your eyes about how badlty this game is broken, and why things are possibly never going to get fixed. Trust me, I personally do not feel, it’s possible to have a Simulator, written for PC’s and port it down to game consoles and expect one version to work successfully in both venues. One is going to suffer over the other. IF MS, want this to be X-Box game, let us know now so we can abonden it before we all spend a lot more time and money with it. I refuse to buy x-box console to play here. FSX/XP-11 are pro enough on PC to satisify my desires. And there is as steep a learning curve in XP as MSFS, in fact in some cases more so.
It will get up there when it get up there.
On the Youtube, check out Quality Wings 787 Cold and Dark, now that is what a plane on this sim really should be.


Its a shame auto pilot is not the same anymore sinds update 5 for a paid game its not oke.

Can you be a tad more precise? Apparently many users aren’t experiencing problems.

Auto pilot wil not follow the path or the instructions given wil just turns around its own given and crashed sory my english is not good enough to explaine.

Check your control options, and see if you can add some dead zones to all your primary control axis.

Thanks I wil try

A lack of deadzones would have caused your above mentioned problems already prior to SU 5.

Auto pilot is NOT affected by dead zones, and the AP-ATC implementation is the problem. I can fly the thing by hand just fine. Do I want to do that for a 5 hour flight?

At least on the A320 and the 787 the AP can definitely cause this problem.

AP-ATC? Where would there be any connection?

Depends on the specific problems… It could be different types of problems. But just based solely on the behaviour of the aircraft drifting away from the flight path, is usually a symptom of lack of enough dead zone to the primary flight control axis.

The issue is simple, with 0% dead zone, the sim receives every single input from the hardware controls as valid inputs. And since no hardware is perfectly calibrated and stable, these “micro inputs” that can come from vibrations on the floor when you’re walking to get a glass of water that travels to the joystick and vibrates it are going to be read as valid inputs to the sim. And it’s these valid inputs “overrides” what the AP is doing. Now, you may be thinking, then it’s not the dead zone problem. It’s the AP problem from receiving them as valid inputs. The AP should be ignoring them. Well, maybe you’re right. But that’s not going to help you have a comfortable flight now, right?

How can you be absolutely sure beyond reasonable doubt that your joystick or yoke is perfectly stationary and not move even by a single atom to feed the sim with an input? So by adding dead zones, you’re setting the sim to “ignore” these micro inputs coming from the controls so that it doesn’t override the AP.


Exactly. e.g. Boeing 787 Autopilot Not Tracking - #35 by killerclown71

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I’ve flown around 15 hours in the 787 since the last update. No issues whatsoever. One of the flights was 8+ hours. The only time I had issues with the 787 was the fuel pump bug. That was several months and hundreds of hours flown ago though.

Hard to Read.
Maybe we should break up long replies into short paragraphs.


Yep. I test my stick before every flight to make sure I’m not getting any inputs I don’t want. Great post. I don’t find the 78X to be too sensitive, but if you move the stick just enough, AP is done.

For me, the 787 nor the 747 loses track. Although I try to setup FMC/AP system perfect, something it seems is still not working. And the routing (STAR), in MSFS is not like the STAR I download and try to follow, since I am using the latest ones I can find, something is amiss. Regardless, all that is a mute point if at 10 miles, ATC say please immediately ascend to 18,000 and prepare for landing, yeah right, sure thing.

Yes, tried to put line spaces in the post, guess I am too wordy.