Automatic pause before top of descent

As in FSX, it would be a good thing to have an automatic pause just before ToD . It would be handy during long flights.

Why was there no pause at TOD incorporated with the default Airliners.

I am someone who likes to fly overnight cross the ponds and let it get to TOD and then pause and land when I get up.

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Might submit a Zendesk report for a “suggestion”. Regards

We need a Pause at TOD option for all airlines, of course after TOC and TOD are implemented. This is critical for long haul flights where we leave the flights on autopilot overnight.


Im sure the pilots of Northwest 188 wish they had that too!


Yes this would be a handy option

Same here
It would be very usefull to have some sort of pause programmed.
At TOD is the norm in other simms.

Yes, pause at TOD would be nice.

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Five or so years ago I was using FSX and used to takeoff, climb out, set the autopilot and then go about my life while the flight proceeded on to it’s destination. This was with planes from PMDG. When the flight reached the top of descent (TOD) the simulator paused until I could return and make plans and take the necessary steps to descend and land.

I can’t recall if this built-in pause was a function of the simulator, the PMDG aircraft packages or something else…

Is this capability available with this version of MSFS?

This was a great feature of FSX that is missing in FS2020. I sure wish they would bring it back. I have no hope of seeing it again.

I would up vote that. Although I am currently just using Simrate +++ for the longer flights.

There have been dozens of times when I missed the ACT descend and maintain instruction and the approach was screwed because I had to be away for a while… Im not sure if there’s any way to set it on auto pause so when I come back I can continue the flight and start to descend. The pause should be right before the ATC sends out descend and maintain instruction… Is there such a feature or I just have to wish there was?

Pause the flight manually, when you are heading for a beer in the kitchen! Not via ESC which gives you the Active Pause, and that one is useless when flying.
Use the old pause. This one stops everything and leaves you sitting in the cockpit. You can also play around with the instruments, the cameras etc.

This function is not active by default. To make it active go to Options/Controls/Keyboard. Set Filter to ALL and search by name for pause and map SET PAUSE ON as P. Do the same for SET PAUSE OFF and map as CTRL + P. Save and exit.

Now, when you have finished the beer, press CRTL + P and enjoy your continuing flight!

I suspect that 3rd party developers, particularly of airliners, will be looking to add a ‘pause at top of descent’ option, for those of us who get dragged away by RL and don’t want to have to start the flight all over again.

Hopefully, Aerosoft will set the precedent with their upcoming CRJ.

Perhaps just slew to the top of descent when you need to leave the computer and pause it there?

I love flight sims. I have a spreadsheet with flight plans to go around the world.

I also have a 1 year old. And have a busy work life.

Sometimes I just want to start a flight when I have a spare hour… Get it to cruise and hope it will pause at TOD so I can land when I have another spare hour.

Without this I just overshoot and crash, so I just haven’t been playing much.

Any chance a gaming dad can get some help asobo?


That is the one thing I miss from my FSX addons…the pause at TOD. I’d start a long haul flight just before I go to bed, and land in the morning.

With MSFS, I have to time the departure and hopefully figure out the time till TOD .

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Press the ESC button.

Do you want a simulation or a common offline game?
In real life a pilot doesn’t leave the cabin or goes to sleep (LOL) during a flight.
If you want a videogame experience, just pause it whenever you have to leave the PC and then teleport to any waypoint with this: FSPM VFR Map » Microsoft Flight Simulator


In real life, during long haul flights, pilots will leave the cabin for some sleep, leaving the control of the aircraft to other members of the flight crew, so i don’t see how this would be a problem, realism wise.

With any flight sim, there will always be different ways that people enjoy using it and just because this is not a feature you would use, doesn’t make it one that shouldn’t be implemented.