Automatically load a pre-defined default flight with MSFS startup

Save a default flight that can be loaded automatic when MSFS starts.
Aircraft, position and weather/time settings.

This is important for cockpit builders.

To jump in my plane in two clicks and fly !

Hi folks,
What about few shortcuts in the startup page with direct link to our favourites flights ? Then one click to launch the sim, and another to be onboard.
Now although you can load a saved flight or flight plan and load it from the map page, the process take long and many clicks/pages to go through. Boring when you…

But you perfectly now the story:
Some days when back from work, alone at home so far you think "what about a short flight to relax before the coming daily rush… Hum… But it’s long to proceed and you also forgot to enable some add-ons then you have to restart and to set this and that and it’s clearly waste of time. Finally you just want to FLY !

Then please Asobo: put 3 to 5 buttons on the startup page (large places available) where we could go DIRECTLY to a saved flight, with all parameters previously saved on, including aircraft, meteo, etc.

For that just a small additional option when we save flight “Save as favourite flight”.
I agree this is some of an arcade aspect but for sure would be a real plus for everybody.
I have also in mind that accessibility would be easier for kids. (I have one or two at home who don’t care about doing a flight plan so far. I am working on it but it takes time !)
And I guess that the XBOX players will not contradict !

Enjoy !
Sorry for the French accent :yum:
See you

Would like to have that too

On the assumption that MSFS is an upgrade to MSFS-X, please restore the ability to have the sim come up with your choice of flight profile ready to fly.

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Has something like this been implemented yet? I’d ideally like to do something similar: Click on one executable (or batch script) that launches MSFS and loads into a default aircraft/runway/weather configuration all without requiring user input. I’m hoping there’s a way to do this through SimConnect or some other manner, but if anyone has had any experience with this at all, I’d love to know how this would be possible!!

I’d really like to see this as well. I’m hoping to click one desktop shortcut (or batch script or something) that can launch MSFS, and then load up a specific aircraft / location / runway / weather condition without requiring any user input. This would really help with development for modeling as well as use within industry as a visualization solution!

i dont like, that i always have to setup the flight when i start the MSFS.
So can we have sandard flight and a option, if we want to start directly with this standard flight so that we fire up the MSFS and end directly in the Airplane at the position we set up ?
That would be great for Cockpit Builder because normally i dont have a Mouse and Keyboard in the cockpit.

Why not create your own standard flight then save it?
A couple of mouse clicks to load it isn’t that big a deal I think.


Perhaps they bring back Meigs field in the 40th anversery edition, then we can have it at default and got put on the numbers on sim Startup as in the days back then :rofl:

You need anyway a at least a mouse in the simpit to setup al all different things like failures an alike. And it is possible to load a premade flight without any keyboard interaction, so just a mouse is needed basically…

No, maybe you dont understand.

In P3D i have a default flight which is loaded automatically after starting P3D.
So i need just to start the Sim.
The rest, like positioning the Aircraft at another Airport is done by Prosim737 on a Tablet.
Also Failures, Weight and so on is all done by Prosim, so there is no Mouse or Keyboard needed
and that is important for a Homecockpit user.



what do you all others think about defining a Start Situation ?

That means that we save a Situation, lets say at your Home Base Airport at a Gate of your choice.
Then define this saved Situation as default.
Then after start the Sim you end up directly with this saved Situation without having every Time to go thru the Menus and select a Airport and maybe also a Gate.

I ask because i sit in a Homecockpit and dont like all the Time selecting the start Airport and the Gate.
Mostly i dont like using the Mouse or Keyboard.

What dou you all thinking about that?
Maybe if we get enough Votes it will be implemented, that would be really great !



I would like to see this; being able to set a default airport and gate for flight planning. Gets my vote.


This would be a good option. I fly worldwide and dont have a home airport but for me this would be very useful for testing planes and their mods.

Right now my test airport is KTTS - the runway where they used to land the Space Shuttle. Its super long and ideal for testing. If I could have this load up by default it would be very nice.

The menu system in this game unfortunately is a slow unresponsive clunky affair that they really need tighten up and streamline.

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Lorby´s WAMA tool was doing something like that in the past: you could have your “saved hangar” including the coordinates where you last parked any of your aircraft. Then you just click on your planes in a list and it will be injected into game at the same exact position you left it last time and camera was teleported there too. The tool is being updated for MSFS.


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i will have a look on it.
But i prefer a Solution directly from MSFS


Ps.: i had a short look on the Website.
It is payware and a much too high Price also the other products seems very overpriced.
This WAMA is not really the Solution i look for at all.

I would like to see that. Also a setting which removes all the stuff on the world map that you don’t want to see. Eg. POI’s without having to keep using the filter.

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Once you’ve setup and flown something, you can also go into the logbook and click on that entry, and it gives you the option to “fly again”. Won’t default to that flight like you want, but at least don’t have to go through all the other menus. Pretty quick start on a flight.

Cockpit builders really need this! And really anyone else who likes to start from a ready state. If I know I always like to start a flight at Gate X at Y airport with Z aircraft state, then I should be able to start the sim and it loads me right to it. I should have to go through a half dozen clicks and menus to get to the situation I want. This would save several minutes of startup time, plus for cockpit builders, it gets the aircraft in a state ready to go without further interaction. Especially if you’re running multiple networked MSFS PCs and you don’t have easy access to those PCs from the cockpit.

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Any chance to get this things on new update?
Is there any string batch to do this?

Don’t think it works like that. Sure you could have MSFS boot into a field but if it’s not the one you want to start from you’d need to exit out anyways to change airports. It takes less than 10-15 seconds to type the airport code/name and choose a parking spot or runway and off you go.