Autosave of .PLN files

Hi. Is it possible on next MSFS update to have the chance of automatically saving the .pln flight plan created before to fly?
It’s important because for example if I forget to do it I cannot properly run specific softwares (like LittleNavmap) during the flight.

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I see you save your FPL for flight, good step. I want recommend to you other step, I expect any one who want be more serious with sim (you save FRPL so I expect you’re) can add this step as one point inside his checklist. Hope you also use checklists or not? :slight_smile: With pilot life is expected use of some defined important steps during his mission :wink:

Hi and many thanks for your reply and suggestions. In reality, every time before to start a flight I’m obliged to save the .PLN file because a use LittleNavmap and this action let to me to load the flight plan into LittleNavmap.
However I try also with your good suggestion because, yes, I obviously follow the checklists.
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The autosave feature in FSUIPC7 seems to be working now for FS2020. Saves your flight at intervals you select. Think it requires the paid for version of FSUIPC7.

Hi and thanks. I got the FSUIPC7 in paid version some months ago. It saves the .FLT file (that means during flight), but it does not save the .PLN flight plan created before flying.
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There is always the possibilty of doing it the other way around. Create the flight plan in LNM and save it as a MSFS flight plan then load that plan into the sim and fly.

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Which is what I often do if I’m contemplating a more complex flight. LNM can offer very useful information about almost every aspect of the flight not available in MSFS 2020, so it’s a useful tool for flight planning, even if you then just export the final flight plan for use in MSFS 2020. In fact, I don’t really use LNM as intended. For me, it’s simply a flight planning tool, in lieu of a decent one in MSFS 2020 itself.

Yes, I agree and I did it sometimes (that means sometimes I used LIttleNavmap to create and then to follow on the map the flight plan).
On the other side, I think it could be useful (not only for LittleNavmap, but for other applications too) a simple update to autosave .PLN flight plans created by MSFS.

Yes, totally agree. Would be nice, too, if MSFS 2020 saved flight plans with proper descriptive names, like LNM does. It’s basic stuff like that, missing in MSFS 2020, which I find very irritating.

I have been creating and saving my flight plans using either Simbrief with Simbrief Downloader or Navigraph. These both have file export options. They also include options for SIDs and STARs. Simbrief is free but Navigraph requires a paid subscription. I am currently learning about the Navigraph map features that are newly available for the WT CJ4.

Yes, this is another way. But Simbrief does not let to create an ILS approach.

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Excellent point.

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Just tried using the FSUIPC7 autosave feature on a flight completed yesterday from KCOS (Colorado Springs) to KSEA (Seattle). Picked an autosave location somewhere near Mt. Rainier. The flight loaded OK, but the flight plan was not saved. Tried to create a new plan from KCOS to KSEA, but it said I could not create a flight while not on the ground. Heading mode sort of worked, but not very reliably. Altitude selection and VS (vertical speed) seemed to work. APP (Approach) did not capture the localizer and glide slope. Was able to complete the flight manually and land. The ILS worked, and I could manually follow the glide slope diamond. I did get credit for the flight in the log book. Conclude that without saving the flight plan the FSUIPC7 autosave capability is of very limited value.

I was going to reply with this comment many post back but
decided to keep silent.

ASOBO stated on their “Known Issues” the the Load/Save" functions were not

I could never get them to work reliably on the default FS2020 planes.
And I don’t know if they have been olayed by ASOBO now.

I now fly the WT CJ4 and they work on it.

I finally realized that some or most of the users “Replying”
were flying a “Heavy”.

I know nothing about a “Heavy” or a Mod airplane.

Flew the WT CJ4 on my flight from KCOS. I think ASOBO will have to add the flight plan info. Do not believe it is an FSUIPC7 problem causing this. I have not flown any “heavy” aircraft either. I have not had any CTD problems recently, but the autopilot seems to stop following the flight plan after a couple of hours.

Hi. I think it’s not so hard to get a pop-up which asks you if you want to save or not the .pln file before to start the flight…It could be a faster way to do it, avoiding to do it manually (space bar+select .pln+write the flight name).
This is what happens in FSX.
So, I don’t understand Asobo.

I don’t know anything about FSUIPC7. Don’t use it.

I only Load/Save on initial flight from World Map or on flight “Restart”.
Not infilght.

Assume it is WT that I’m using for Load/Save.

I never could get the default CJ4 to work with Load/Save.
Not sure if ASOBO has improved it now.

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