Avionics beta - can I remove the Working Title G3000 and CJ4 mods?

As in the title. Can I get rid of the WT mods if I get the new beta? Are they now part of the base game? If so fantastic. The TBM and CJ4 are probably my 2 favorite airplanes. Not too complex, but still very capable.

Yes, you can remove the WT mods for those planes that were updated in AAU1. In fact, Matt from Working Title strongly urges this. He recently posted this on the WT Discord server:

Please remove ALL previous CJ4, G3000, Longitude, and TBM mods. These will likely not work at best, or interfere terribly at worst with the AAU1 included versions. Thank you!



Where are the Simbrief settings if we delete the mods? I haven’t been able to find them in the new update.

I don’t believe they restored the Simbrief integration.

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