Avionics off in Beechcraft King air 350i

Avionics turn off during flight. All screens go black and nothing works.

Did you switch the Energy Switch on the top panel to “Triple Feed” after the engines started?

Turn on alternator switch

Did you select the generators to on? If not then you would be operating on battery only, which wouldn’t last long.

The overhead switch is only used to select which bus is displayed on the voltmeter

I have the same problem but shouldn’t the correct settings being taken care of when starting on the runway rather than cold&dark? :thinking:

Also check that the starter switch are not stuck on top

Should be the case but I’ve never started on the runway with the king air so I don’t know for sure. It might be a couple of days but I will have a go if no one else does first

it doesn’t matter if I take off from “ready to fly” or “cold and dark”, the same thing happens. After 3-4 minutes all avionics turn off. Toggling this overhead switch to l gen, r gen, tpl fed doesn’t fix anything.

Have you checked your alternator switch to the right of the master switch and if you don’t have your choke switch engaged

Are you using any mods? I’ve tried a couple of flights in the standard King Air with no issues, both starting engines running on the runway.

The overhead switch won’t have an effect as it only controls what’s displayed on the voltmeter to the left. In L Gen, R Gen & TPL Fed it should read about 28v and Batt should be about 24v. Ext should be 0v.

The actual generator switches are to the right of the battery switch under the flap. They are labelled as off/on/reset but only move on/off in the standard aircraft.

Are you thinking of a different aircraft? The King Air 350 is a turboprop so no choke

sorry, translation problem :laughing: , I meant the starter switch

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Yes. I have enabled. I checked several times with various YT tutorials. I started from cold&dark and directly from the runway automatically and it’s always the same: after a few minutes the electrics turn off. Other turboprop aircraft work fine.

Did you use another mod? Su 11beta? I flew it last night with no problem

Workin title G3000, Toolbar pushback, orbx Volanta. Edit, with no mods, completly clear msfs its the same :frowning: Edit 2: When I disconnect the Thrustmaster Airbus throttle everything works fine. But there is nothing electric or avionics in the throttle settings. On other planes I have no problems with this throttle. works properly.

there is no alert on your avionics before the shutdown

No. I also checked the Beechcraft Baron and the avionics also turns off when I have the throttle connected. But Daher TBM, Cessna caravan and all jets work very well with it.

I found out that in my case (?) this was caused by my Airbus Stick&Throttle Quadrant (XBox Series X) that I usually use for the A320.
While trying to find the reason for the failing displays I realized that the displays came back for a moment when I moved the cockpit view using the mouse (pressing right mouse button).

I switched to new Turtle Beach Flightstick and the displays stay on. :wink:

Do you use the throttle buttons to start the car or do you use the mouse? I think you have a button configuration that leaves the starter control in action and drains the battery. And do the lights go off too?

Hello, I have the same issue - and the same Airbus Stick and Throttle Quadrant - do you recommend to use another one ? or just remove one component ?