Avoid latest update or...?

I’ve just gotten back into town and have missed playing the sim over the last week. I’ve been reading about how horrible the last update has been for performance and I’m torn about what to do. I really want to play but is there a way to avoid doing an update?

Thanks in advance.

You cannot avoid core updates, you will need to launch your store platform (Steam or Windows) to download the initial update, and then the sim will do the rest once you next start it up.

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Avoid the update! LOL! You are obligated to suffer the performance losses just like the rest of us. There’s no way around it unless you just leave town again. Which you may regret you didn’t do once you perform the update!



Maybe I’ll just find another game to play :slight_smile:


These issues don’t affect everyone. So why give up before even trying?


I’ve had zero performance issues, for what it’s worth.

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You’re forced to update regardless. Maybe you’ll be one of the fortunate ones not to have any issues. Doesn’t hurt to check it out.

What if you were offline when you launched the sim and then at the menu turned it back on :thinking:? Would that work?

I didnt loss anything

Maybe you won’t notice or take it to heart that there is some kind of conspiracy afoot to degrade the game for those filthy Xbox casuals…

The game has always had some manner of stuttering, on release it was terrible for me and subsequent patches have massively improved things. These obviously come at a cost of lod etc, there is no magic lossless optimisation out there, it’s all give and take…

There may be some oddity causing an above average bit of hitching at times this update but generally its been a pretty innocuous one. I’m confident it’ll get resolved or lessened by the next update.

I’ve had no performance issues at all. But maybe you should avoid playing until it’s completely bug free…

I‘d avoid this forum, in all seriousness, if it makes you react like that. Enjoy the sim UNTIL you actually DO have issues. :wink: I don‘t have any. The update broke a few mods but that‘s normal. They‘ll have to be adjusted as always.


Just for giggles load up a new Bethesda title and see how many bugs you can count that have existed in the engine since Skyrim was first released…

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This is one of the big failings IMHO. I think you should be allowed to ‘ignore’ an update and install it as and when you’re ready. Of course you need to be on the current version to get support for an issue but you should not be forced to update just because MS/Asobo say it’s time to do so! You might want to wait a week or so before taking the plunge but in the meantime still use the sim. I don’t think I know of any other software that forces you to update and the consequence of not doing so is to render the software unusable.

It comes with an online sim that streams the scenery to you instead of you having to manually download Terabytes of ortho tiles for the sim to look anything nice.
You need to be on the same version as the server.

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Microsobo consider MSFS to be in the same category as an MMO, despite the lack of any meaningful multiplayer functionality. Client software changes typically come with back end server changes as well, and both need to be in synch for proper operation. Therefore, client updates are mandatory to use the sim.

If you think our sim client is bugged and defective now, I’d shudder to think how poorly it would operate if it was running versions behind the server software.

I had performance issues until I rolled back to 457.30 nvidia driver. It’s been great since. Everyone is experiencing different performance, you might as well update and see, especially if you’re just going to let it sit. At least you’ll know

Just make sure you remove the community folder prior to updating then reapply the folder after install.

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