Avsim MSFS forums down?

Hi all. Are any users of the Avsim MSFS forums seeing that Avsim is down now? I get redirected to some Network Solutions parking page when I try to visit the Avsim MSFS forums (I know some people don’t like Avsim here, but please let’s not turn this into a flame war on Avsim).

Are any other users of the Avsim MSFS forums experiencing the same thing I am experiencing?


Exactly the same experience as yours…

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Yes. The same for me.

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Ok. I think the Avsim administrators forgot to pay their hosting fees or something, lol. Oh well, I’m sure it will be back up in a day or two.


Usually a sign that domain renewal failed to occur timely.


It is working fine for me. I just checked my bookmarked link:

That doesn’t work for me. Are you sure it’s not just a cached page in your browser?


Oddly enough, I checked the Whois on avsim.com and it’s not up for renewal until 2022. It must be their hosting that’s down, so perhaps the nameserver just redirects to a Network Solution parking page because the host isn’t working.

I checked on an anonymized browser before posting.
I don’t have an account there so definitely not cookie related.

Not working here either.

The anonymized browser your are using is probably using a cached copy of that page. Avsim appears to be down for everyone at this point.

Edit: Maybe it’s not down if tamalien can visit it and is posting pictures of it.

Give it time. There is a thread there with others who had the same issue now saying it is resolved for them


Does not work

The thread on their own forums has users concluding the same thing.

Thanks for the picture. Interestingly, avism.com does not expire until March of 2022: https://who.is/whois/avsim.com

Must be some other issue. But if you are able to visit avsim while we can’t, it may not be a hosting issue either. The host is working if you and other people can visit it.

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I can’t copy everything from the thread in question, but this may also help:

I said, above, to give it time as it may take a little while for DNS servers to repopulate the correct DNS address if there was a routing, rather than a hosting, issue.

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Strange… tried your link, that worked, I went to the front page… everything works here (NL)
I didn’t cache this,

Try to write something on the forum

Nothing wrong with that forum. It does work… it’s just slow DNS on a sunday ?
…recent messages can be found


It was down this morning, then OK for awhile, now down again.