AXAIR MIAP X-Box Controller

Anyone got one of these great little boxes?

Mine arrived today but I’m having some difficulty finding control assignments inside FS2020 setup :slight_smile:

Controls i can’t find…

VS speed select - I have a button assigned but the VS entry only flashes up for a second then disappears?? Edit:- I think i have fixed this by using “Toggle VS” instead of “Select VS”

Is there a short-key for the CDI - GPS - VOR1 - VOR2 sequence??

Is there a short-key to sync the HDG bug to the current heading?

Is there a short-key to swap between VS mode and FLC mode??


Processing: MIAP Xbox manual V1.pdf…

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I can fill in some blanks now…

Was your unit ever on backorder during the process? Mine is showing backordered now and I’m wondering what to expect in terms of delays. Was already counting on a longer process due to shipping from Thailand.

Yes it was backordered, i had to wait about two weeks for the batch to be made and then another week for delivery to UK.

They do reply on email but can be a little slow.

I’ve got one, it’s great


I received mine and for a beginner I must admit that a PC board like the Xbox one above would be very useful. Thanks

I think they do a PC version too

Here is the response from axair to my request :

Thank you for your email and encouraging words. Since we had some recent MIAP updates we waited but will now soon post a list of general assignments for the MIAP PC version on our facebook for the current and latest version of the MIAP which you also received.

wait and see

Anyone have any luck setting up the Altitude to increase or decrease simply by 100s or 1000s? I am stuck at increments of 1100.

Thats odd, my VS, ALT, HDG all change by 100’s only

I think its b/c I fly GA, just tested in jentliner and it works there.

Anyone leveraging different mappings for jetliners than their GA aircraft? Trying to find the correct bindings for the “click and also middle click” mouse behavior over the AP dials in the A320neo (VS, ALT, IAS) so I can use the MIAP to engage selected/managed speed modes, selected/managed altitude modes, etc - not having much luck. I can usually fly it alright but not without some clicking around the cockpit still.

Thank you!! Just got my MIAP and this was exactly what I needed.

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Did you work this out? This is what’s holding me back from buying

Nah no go yet. Still worth a buy IMO. I really like it.

How do you do the push/ pull in that case? Just on the panel using the middle/ right mouse button?

Yep. Not ideal, but I’d never fly again without my MIAP (until my Bravo works on Xbox).


Does anyone know if you purchase the AXAIR MIAP for Xbox, and later decide to move to PC if it will work on PC?


No i dont think it will or they would not sell a pc version as well :wink: