Azur Poly OV-10 Bronco

So I was so excited about the release of the Bronco now that I have it I’m not really happy with it. What does everyone else think? I’m just a regular guy and don’t have trouble flying anything. This little plane just has too much going on. Too many things to try to get binded and working, I’ve been working on reverse thrust for a week now. 9 times out of 10 when I get this thing up and cruising the engines just die! I want to love this little Bronco so bad but I don’t have the time. I have put so much time into it already and I just get engine failure, stall and a headache! Can I trade it in? Please!

What kind of gear are you flying with? The plane should be pretty standard.


I am using the TCS Airbus Throttle without the detents ( I don’t fly any Airbus). Even the Airbus reverser works fine. Currently Ground/Start and Flight Idle are set to the same position in the tablet, so moving the throttle just a tiny bit up and it jumps into flight idle. Once in the air, it does not got back to Ground anyhow.
Having the tablet in the lower right cockpit can cause issues because when using the tablet you can hit the clickspot of the Major Fuel Shut-offs located behind it.

See this video

The throttle binding is definitely a bit fiddly, otherwise I’m quite happy with it, I think it’s replacing the P-38 as my cute twin-boom prop zoom-zoom screenshots plane. :wink:

But yeah, you gotta get that throttle dance right.

Also it doesn’t like what does with the throttle/condition axes via SimConnect at all and I had to bind them through MSFS directly, hopefully that’s something the developer can fix in the future.

I have the Honeycomb Bravo and no handy add-on detent so I’m using the ‘no reverser’ setup in the EFB where it maps the main range from flight idle up to full throttle, and slamming all the way back past idle into reverse (which is a button on the Honeycomb) forces it into full reverse. This does means I sometimes have to use the mouse to flip the levers between flight-idle/full and ground-idle/beta/reverse modes and if you miss that it’s very confusing. :wink:

This remains the fiddliest part but I think if I get an add-on detent helper widget to add to the Honeycomb I’ll be happier with the “axis with reverser” mode via the EFB…

I can share how I setup the bravo throttle that seems to work better for me.

I map the “reverse” button on both throttles to ON PRESS : Throttle 1 (2) decrease.
Then map the same button on throttle 1 to ON RELEASE : Toggle throttle reverse thrust.

Configured like this, the plane goes into full reverse when you hit the button below the throttles and when you return the throttles out of reverse to the idle position, the throttles return to flight idle on the plane. You don’t have to use the mouse.


I’m loving it. I use the Logitech X-56 setup. I have not tried using Reverse/Beta, but for my gaming, I don’t need that part of the RL experience. What I mean is this. The AzurPoly airplane with full internal fuel and a pilot weighs ~8750 pounds while the RL USAF version with full internal and pilot weighed ~10200 pounds.

Looking at this checklist performance page (courtesy of Russ Barlow)

The AzurPoly airplane will be landing at a gross weight of less than 8000 pounds under most gaming conditions. Note the boxes with 8,000 highlighted. The difference in ground run distance is ~300 feet between using Reverse/Beta and merely using Idle.

I’m still exploring this particular aspect, but it seems to me with simple Idle thrust the in-game landing roll is much shorter than I would expect. It’s like there is some autobraking.

We all have different expectations, AzurPoly’s OV-10 meets or exceeds my gaming expectations. I love flying low level and beating up the overhead pattern with it.

I’m pulling some numbers off this to get a better idea of fuel burn at 210 KIAS and 240 KIAS.

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For that reason I hide the EFB and use the EFB button AzurPoly added. Very cool IMO.


Oh that’s a good bit, the toggle ought to fix things for me. :slight_smile: I’ll fiddle with it when I’m back at my setup :smiley:

Flew it again on last night’s stream. What a fun airplane - love taking it low through canyons. Still trying to find the sweet spot in the 5 knots between floating and stalling it on, but it’s getting better.

I wonder if that would work on Velocityone Flight? I will try, thanks.

I use the TurtleBeach VelocityOne Flight. Works good for everything else…

Also is there a way to set it to full military power?

Can you be more specific about your issue? What are you experiencing? Set what exactly, your HOTAS throttle (Power Levers) with the Condition Levers in Normal Flight (or in T.O/Land)? I’m typically seeing 98% or 99% RPM with my HOTAS throttles at the forward stop when the Condition Levers are in Normal Flight.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

I purchased it and downloaded it yesterday and did a quick flight with it and what a fun aircraft to fly. I was zooming all over the landscape and it was a fun ride. I plan to spend more time with the aircraft over the weekend. Landing was a breeze…NICE!

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My landings seem to be hit or miss.
Flightjox, can you explain your technique for landing. What airspeed for approach, when do you reduce power etc.
I could use some tips.

I come in about 110kts, flaps either at half or full, just keep it steady as you come in and don’t let the speed drop otherwise you’ll fall out of the sky. Other than that, it’s pretty much like any other aircraft to land.


Has anyone tried the weapon (mod) on this module?
I understand you have to d/l the mod from AzurPoly site for this to work?
I am still on the fence of the MSFS version vs the DCS one (which I have)

How about these graphics as a starting point just to give you target airspeeds around the airport.

You can lower your gear when you’re below 155 KIAS and use up to 20 degrees of flaps below 155 KIAS. You can go to full flaps below 130 KIAS.

Typically your landing weight will be less than 8500 pounds. I put the gear down around 120 KIAS, and flaps to 20 degrees just before turning final. I’ve found that by making sure the Condition Levers are in T.O./Land before turning Final (at least 5 NM from landing) I find it easier to get my airspeed and descent rate stabilized on final. I fly about 90-100 KIAS on Final and hold the power until touchdown. Very small movements of the Power Levers is all you need on Final (nothing grossly exaggerated back and forth). Don’t get slow…for that reason I always land with Flaps 20, just confirm with the flap gage. Flaps 20 makes for smoother Go-Arounds.

A RL airline technique for getting the flare sight picture right is to look at the far end of the runway. Do this before you takeoff. The OV-10’s level flight picture is difficult initially…for me it was. So what I did was take a mental snap shot of the relationship of the screws in the canopy frame (that left vertical frame) below the Standby Compass. For me level flight is around the fourth screw from the top. When I roundout (flare) I only bring my nose up just above that screw at touchdown. [edit: I bring the fourth screw just above my level sight reference.] Of course you should have your descent rate under control so you don’t bounce. The takeaway for you is to find YOUR level flight site picture.


Yes, they are free on AP’s site. The mod does NOT add the AOA Indexer lights or AOA guage on the instrument panel.